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Perth’s Best Private Chefs

Perth has a thriving restaurant dining scene, but behind closed doors are some of the country’s best private chefs. If you thought you’d already experienced all that Perth’s foodie scene had to offer, then prepare yourself for a whole new world of private fine dining…

Perth’s private chefs are cooking up some incredible meals behind-the-scenes, and there’s only one way for you to know what’s on the menu: by hiring one for yourself! We’ve sought out this city’s top culinary talent and we’re bringing them straight to your door. Yes, we know, you Perthies are fancy about your food, and that’s why we’ve personally handpicked a bunch of chefs who are truly at the top of their game.

How do we choose our Perth private chefs? Easy. First, we make sure that they’re completely obsessed with food. We’re talking personal chefs who are living, breathing, consuming a love of food each and every day. We test their creativity, innovation, and ability to offer something new and different to the table. We make sure that they’re as passionate about sourcing great produce as they are about cooking it. And we only choose chefs who are constantly on top of the food game in Perth – from restaurant openings to new concepts and local ingredients.

Our Perth chefs will leave a mark on your memory and in your palate – and they definitely won’t be hiding in the kitchen! They’ll be personally serving and introducing each dish to you and your guests, because chefs deserve to be part of the dining experience.

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Ready to experience Perth’s best dining experience? Start your private chef booking request by clicking here. You can tell us about your event if you have any meal requests and any other ideas. If you’ve got a chef in mind, let us know, otherwise, we’ll connect you with the best private chef for the job.

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We’ll come to you

Dining room, venue, bush, beach, office, or park – your chef will come to you ready and prepared to cook up a storm! Our chefs are available for any and all catering and chefing experiences. Home chefs, restaurant chefs, corporate chefs, event chefs, last-minute chefs, and everything in-between. You ask and we deliver!

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Can’t choose a chef?

We’ll choose one for you! Get in touch with our team, let us know what kind of cuisines you like and what ideas you have in mind for your food, and we’ll match you with the best personal chef for the job. Too easy!

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trusted by more than 30,000 Australians & 500 companies

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top craftsmanship techniques

250+ highly professional chefs

Our private chefs in Perth

We know Perth has a few top notch restaurants under its belt, and we’ve made sure that our team of personal chefs are just as impressive. Each of our Perth private chefs have undergone rigorous checks and testing to make sure they have the skills, talent, and culinary wizardry to blow your mind away. They’re not just chefs – they’re artists in their own right.
While you won’t see them working in a top restaurant in Perth, our personal chefs have experience working all over the world. They’ve specifically chosen to work outside the confines of a kitchen and in the homes and private venues of Perth’s locals – people like you. Our chefs bring international skill sets and technique and combine it with a thorough knowledge of what this city loves and how its people like to dine. They know where to find the best produce in Perth and even how to forage for native ingredients out in the wild.
Whatever culinary request you have, our private chefs will deliver it better than your wildest expectations. If you ever dreamed of designing your own banquet or degustation, now is your chance. If you have specific ingredients you want to work with, but don’t know how, they’ll do it for you. Each and every one of our Perth chefs brings their own unique edge to their cooking, so you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience each time!

Choose your personal chef

Private chefs are all about luxury, and there’s no better luxury than choosing your own menu – and your chef. If you have something in mind that you’d like to eat, you can let us know and we’ll connect you with the best chef for the job. Or if you’d rather choose your own chef, feel free to browse through our team of Perth chefs and pick the one that makes your belly rumble.

Our team of private chefs offer more than just incredible food, they bring an entire experience to your meal. We think dining is about interaction and connecting with people, and that’s why we allow our chefs to be a part of your dining experience – including serving, introducing the dishes, sharing tips, and having a bit of fun and banter. Of course, if you’d rather some privacy then our chefs are more than happy to do that as well!

Have a scroll through the bios of our Perth chefs and learn about each of their individual personalities, skills, and experience. We have such a diverse and unique team, there’ll be a chef out there for each and every foodie – but probably more than one!



  • You get your very own private chef to prepare a custom meal,
  • Your personal chef will source the freshest local ingredients on the day of your event, and arrive one hour early to prepare the deliciousness,
  • You’ll have a friendly & professional team welcoming your guests to your awesome breakfast, lunch, or dinner experience,
  • Your private chef will cook each meal right before your eyes, and personally serve and explain each gourmet course,
  • You’ll get to hear the stories and secrets behind each dish (and take home some recipes!),
  • When the experience is over, your chef will clean up and leave everything completely spotless.

You Are a Chef?

Join our team

Join our team and experience newfound freedom as a private chef. Get up close and personal with diners, let your creativity unleash, and see your efforts appreciated first hand – as you deserve! We’re a flexible, open, and friendly team that provides endless support. We can’t wait to meet you!

  • Highly experienced & dedicated to the culinary arts,
  • Full of personality and creativity,
  • Ready to be a part of the dining experience,
  • Seriously in love with good food!

Sound like you’ve got what it takes? We’d love to see what you have to offer! Put through your pitch on our Chefs Sign Up page here, and we’ll bring you in for a chef’s audition. This is your chance to showcase your skills, creativity, and best dishes in front of CHEFIN’s social foodie club. If you impress, you’ll be in and ready to take on CHEFIN’s catering and culinary experiences for yourself!

Click here to sign up as a private chef.