A company is as good as its partners, and at CHEFIN we partner with the best in the industry so that we can deliver the best experiences for you. You can only achieve and offer so much when going at it alone, and our partnerships are what allow us to produce a first-class experience for all of our clients, across all aspects of events.

Our partners include:

We’re proud to be the largest chef network in Australia to serveMarine Stewardship Council certified sustainable seafood.






Ethically made, tailored t-shirts that are produced in Sydney, CitizenWolf is our go-to for comfortable clothing that’s made with a conscience,


The Long Goodbye

Customised cocktails made just the way you like. This Darlinghurst bar reflects CHEFIN’s desire to curate unique, bespoke experiences,



Premium, local, innovative… StrangeLove’s range of organic sodas, mineral waters, and mixers is the perfect complement to our meals,


Wolf of the Willows

Raw, natural ingredients make these handcrafted, small batch craft beers our favourite. Brewed, bottled, and made in Melbourne by passionate pair Scotty & Renae, these beers fuel our events,


Moreish Wines

This wine boutique showcases the best of the best, unique wines and craft spirits from Australia’s best distilleries and wineries. Great for discovering new tipples,



When events need wine, we call Vinomofo. Excellent deals, great wines, and a company that’s run by real people who’ve thrown out the ties and stuffiness. Just like CHEFIN,


Modern Currency

A disruptive and creative communications agency that creates bespoke PR & marketing campaigns for culinary & luxury lifestyle brands. This team does it all,


Clifford Wallace

Our go-to for professional, friendly, and enthusiastic waitstaff. A successful and unforgettable event needs a team of great people – this is where to find them,


Franklin Shanks

We know food and events, they know real estate. These guys are our tenant advisory team, helping us find the perfect spaces without the hassle.



Our website is the main source of qualified leads & sales. Guys from 360WebCare – WordPress maintenance know how to make sure it is accessible, safe and properly maintained.


Niche Hospitality

Creators of concept restaurants with strong niche appeal and bold identities, offering signature food and beverage items that make an impression.


Bondi Beverages

Refreshing, locally made sparkling beverages that satisfy and quench our thirst when alcohol isn’t appropriate,


Skinny Lager

89 calories but 100% flavour, this light beer is our go-to when we ’ve eaten too much food and need to cut back on the calories.


UX law – startup lawyer

Practical legal solutions for business. UX Law provides startups and entrepreneurs with practical legal solutions to protect and empower their businesses.



We love discovering new & exciting businesses that align with our values and offerings. If you’d like to partner with CHEFIN to help deliver exceptional bespoke experiences to our clients, get in touch now. We look forward to hearing from you!