"Pay What It's Worth" - A Unique Dining Adventure for Our Esteemed Clients

Taste and Rate: The Culinary Audition Experience

The “Pay What It’s Worth” Chef Audition is a unique dining experience extended as a special offer to our valued clients. This exclusive event allows you to play a critical role in auditing a newly onboarded chef. After experiencing the culinary delights prepared by our chef, you have the liberty to pay what you feel the experience was worth.

Private Chef in Adelaide Nick Guan explains his dishes to guests

What to Expect from a Chef Audition Experience?

A newly onboarded CHEFIN Private Chef will craft a unique menu specifically for you and up to 7 guests. This includes 2 canapés followed by a meticulously prepared 3-course meal. Our chefs prioritize sourcing the finest ingredients to ensure each dish is of the highest quality. Witness culinary expertise as each course is skillfully prepared in your kitchen, transforming your evening into an unforgettable gourmet journey.

a winter truffle dinner partnered with Hopewood House and Robertson Truffle Farm

What We Expect from You

We’ve conducted thorough background checks, evaluated resumes, and assessed the chef’s culinary skills through the imagery of their dishes. Now, it’s your opportunity to experience their talent firsthand in an exclusive private dining setting. We expect you to:

  • Invite up to 7 Guests: Create a memorable evening by sharing this unique dining experience with friends who would also enjoy a food experience.
  • Collect Detailed Feedback: Your thoughts and those of your guests about the chef’s performance and the dishes served are invaluable. We ask for your feedback by filling out a detailed form during the event.
  • Capture the Moments: Take photos and short video clips showcasing the chef in action, the delectable dishes, and the joy around your dining table. Share with us and if you wish, help us to promote to your connections on social media.
  • Pay What It’s Worth For You: Pay what you believe the experience was worth, based on your overall satisfaction and enjoyment. No minimum ask, totally your call.
a girl is taking photos at a private dinner party

Express Your Interest

Ready to embark on this culinary journey? If you’re intrigued by the prospect of being part of a chef’s audition and enjoying an exclusive dining experience, we’d love to hear from you. Fill up the form to express your interest, and we’ll get back to you with more details on how you can participate.