CHEFIN is an experience booking platform



CHEFIN specialises in Private Catering & Corporate Catering Services. We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our packages to specific group, budget, location, theme and dietary needs. No event is too big or small. CHEFIN platform provides convenience, diverse food choices and tailored social dining experiences for Australians, along with an exciting creative outlet and alternative income stream for professional chefs.


CHEFIN Australia has a community of experienced and innovative chefs. They bring authentic food and culture from around world to your home, office, picnic in the park, alleyway, CHEFIN Secret Venue, campground, etc. basically anywhere.


To enable precious human connections by empowering local Chefs to create unique & unforgettable dining experiences that spread the love for food.


How do we achieve this goal? Like most great ideas, it’s actually quite simple. Our online Experience Booking Platform offers the most convenient way to access personalised suggestions for affordable dining experiences delivered by Private Chefs around the country. Partnering with local suppliers to source nutritious & delicious ingredients.


Private chefs will make your breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner or cocktail party one to remember. Imagine your kitchen and dining room turns into a Michelin star restaurant and a celebrity Masterchef is there to impress you and your guests. What a special occasion! All CHEFIN experiences are unique, convenient, luxurious, delicious, affordable and absolutely memorable! CHEFIN Private Chefs ready to cook up a storm in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Our private chefs will make your breakfast, lunch or dinner party one to remember. Imagine your kitchen and dining room is a top restaurant and the talented chef is there to impress you and your guests for a special occasion. This experience is unique, convenient, luxurious, delicious, affordable and absolutely memorable! We have Private Chefs ready to cook up a storm in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Want to create a unique and memorable experience that your guests will never forget? We tailor our party catering services to your specific needs. From gourmet canapés and buffets to 3-course meals and everything in between, there’s a chef and menu waiting for you. We take care of the ingredients, food prep, plating, serving and even the cleaning up afterwards! So whether you’re hosting a birthday party, Hen’s party or any other private function, CHEFIN’ can help you enjoy your next event without the usual party planning stress.

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How it started...

The inspiration
An Italian friend of mine was visiting all the way from Sicily. As the host, I cooked for him a few times and, feeling inspired, he started returning the flavour favour.

At that point CHEFIN’ was not on our lips or minds. We were using words like ‘stir’ and ‘sauce’, not ‘startup’ and ‘success’. Then we realised something – food is such a passion, it’s a core ingredient in all those good times. Food makes us happy and we love to share that joy with the people around us.

The observation
We started paying more attention to the world of social dining. My friend was working in hospitality, so we looked at all the issues people have with restaurants: overcrowding; long waiting times; group booking challenges and surcharges; poor catering for children and elders. And that’s before you even consider the food.

At restaurants we choose from a menu. We can’t talk to the chef in advance about our favourite dishes or the ingredients we fancy. Our selection is limited. In many cases food is also overpriced and inconsistent. If we have a bad experience at our favourite place we say, “They must have changed the chef!” But we just don’t know.

The expectation
We decided to speak to chefs because we wanted to know how they felt about their industry. The response was eye-opening. Many chefs told us the current model was far from perfect. Chefs and staff are often overworked and underpaid. They’re unhappy, and that means your meal is prepared without love!

So what do chefs want? They want to cook for people who appreciate their art, and their passion. They want to see the smiles their food brings to faces. They want to create, interact and share their knowledge, not hide in the kitchen.

And that’s when the very first seed of CHEFIN’ was planted …

Soon I’ll share with you the second phase of our wonderful journey.


At CHEFIN’ we all have one thing in common: we love good food. But of course it takes more than just a shared interest to launch an amazing new business! So how did we get to where we are today? Like many big ideas, it started small.

Our philosophy is simple, we are here to re-connect the world by empowering local chefs to create unique & an unforgettable dining experience that spread our love for food.