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As a group of experienced Restaurant and Chef Consultants, CHEFIN provides a myriad of services. These include designing commercial kitchens, developing menus, training teams, cultivating brands, marketing, and more. We derive our expertise from working with a global network of 700 top-tier chefs, each proficient in diverse cuisines, skills, and experiences.

We cater to all corners of Australia, reaching major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and their suburbs. This is the perfect time to boost your hospitality business towards a successful future. With our team by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to overcome the challenges of the hospitality industry. By tapping into our vast knowledge and resources, we’re committed to helping your business flourish in this competitive market.

Introducing the 'Virtual Executive Chef' service

Navigating the restaurant business can be challenging. Studies have shown that 60% of restaurants don’t survive past their first year, and a staggering 80% shut their doors within five years of opening.

The hospitality giants, however, enjoy a higher success rate. Their deep pockets allow them to invest in top-tier resources such as Executive Chefs, Food and Beverage Directors, and Restaurant Marketers. Consequently, these groups often own the most frequented dining spots.

Understanding this, we aim to level the playing field by offering what we call a “Virtual Executive Chef” service. By leveraging our extensive network of the country’s finest chefs and culinary experts, we provide access to a caliber of team typically only affordable to large hospitality groups. With our Virtual Executive Chef service, you too can harness the expertise needed to succeed in the demanding restaurant industry.

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HOW Virtual Executive Chef WORKS


1. Initial Consultation

The journey begins with a comprehensive consultation where we delve into your unique needs. Whether you require assistance in menu creation, commercial kitchen design, financial modelling, or system and procedure implementation, this initial step ensures we fully understand your objectives and challenges.


2. Customized Strategy Development

Post-consultation, we’ll match you with the right culinary experts and devise a streamlined strategy tailored to your restaurant. This could range from kitchen redesign for efficiency, crafting a menu that appeals to your audience, or system implementation to enhance operations.


3. Implementation

Once the strategy is finalized, it’s time for implementation. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring each aspect of the plan is executed to perfection. This step is all about bringing the strategy to life in your restaurant.


4. Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Our involvement doesn’t end with implementation. We provide ongoing support and continually evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. We’re committed to your success and will make necessary adjustments to ensure your restaurant thrives.

Empowering Your Success: Our Key Strengths

  • Unparalleled Access to 400+ C-Level Chef Expertise

    Our hospitality consulting arm boasts an extensive network of over 400 C-Level chefs with a wealth of experience and expertise. When you partner with us, you gain direct access to this pool of culinary visionaries, allowing you to tap into their valuable insights and industry knowledge. From fine dining to fast food establishments, our seasoned chefs offer invaluable guidance that can elevate your business to new heights.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making Process

    We believe in the power of data to drive informed and strategic decisions. Our consulting approach revolves around data analysis and market research, ensuring that every recommendation we make is backed by concrete evidence. By leveraging data-driven insights, we help you understand your target audience, identify growth opportunities, and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.

  • Proven Solutions for Increased Margins

    At our hospitality consulting arm, we understand that achieving sustainable profitability is a top priority for your business. Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering solutions that directly impact your margins positively. Through meticulous cost analysis, menu engineering, and operational optimization, we uncover hidden potentials that enable you to boost revenues while minimizing expenses.

  • Comprehensive Services from Concept to Execution

    We are your one-stop destination for comprehensive hospitality consulting services, offering support at every stage of your venture’s journey. From conceptualizing your business idea and creating robust business plans to executing your vision with precision, our end-to-end solutions cover all aspects of the hospitality industry. We provide strategic guidance, innovative marketing solutions, and seamless operational support to bring your dream establishment to life successfully.

CHEFIN’s Hospitality Consulting Services

Optimized Commercial Kitchen Design & Equipment Planning – Leveraging our extensive experience in managing various venues and successfully launching our own restaurants, we understand how to tailor a commercial kitchen to meet your unique needs. Our expert consultants are ready to assist you in designing or revamping your commercial kitchen. We focus on strategically selecting and positioning equipment to ensure cost-effectiveness while maximizing operational efficiency.

Menu Development – Customers are drawn to a menu that’s enticing and innovative. Work with our team to craft a food & beverage menu that perfectly balances flavours with impeccable presentation, while also being practical and profitable. CHEFIN’s private chef team has developed thousands of successful menus in a range of cuisines and restaurants. Our menu development services include: research & development of food menus, recipe development, nutritional analysis, creating a beverage program, optimising your current menu, visual menu design, calculating menu costs & creating a pricing strategy.

Team Design, Recruitment & Training – One of our biggest strengths is our ability to build strong, intimate, and loyal teams that are fuelled by a shared vision and passion for food & hospitality. We can help you do the same, with expert food & hospitality recruitment and team design & training. Learn what makes people tick, how to boost morale, and build your own strong community of food lovers.

Digital Transformation in Hospitality – Streamline your business processes, build value for customers, and innovate in all aspects of your brand with digital transformation consulting services. Our team is a strong believer in the power of digital technology to fundamentally impact how your business operates and the value you deliver to your clients and customers. We’ll help you discover ways your brand can utilise the best that technology has to offer so you can thrive in the digital age.

Online Presence & Marketing – We’ll take your unique concept and turn it into a strong, memorable brand. Develop your brand’s visual identity, personality, and strategy alongside our consultants to create an unforgettable brand with its own unique place in the market. Our consultants offer digital marketing services including Social Media, SEO, pay-per-click, and Content Management to make sure your brand is seen, spoken about, and has its own commanding presence online. There’s no point hiding your budding food & hospitality brand in the shadows. We’ll help you get the word out there and let it roar!

Website Development & Maintenance – A website is your brand’s shopfront on the internet and allows customers, clients, and investors to reach you from any place, anytime. Our team can consult you on how to design a website that’s optimised for a food & hospitality brand, as well as one that reflects your brand’s values and identity.  We also offer done-for-you website packages that include maintenance – so you can rest assured that your online shopfront is up, running smoothly, and doing its job to make you accessible and visible.

Meet your team.

CHEFIN’s hospitality consulting team

Petko Petkov,
CEO & Co-Founder

Before CHEFIN, Petko’s last experience was launching a UK SX-listed company to the Australian market as Director. Before that, he helped grow the data department within a digital agency to a $5m turnover with 30% EBITDA. An entrepreneur through and through, Petko prides himself on his innovation and ability to skyrocket growth for businesses in a diverse range of industries. His speciality lies within partnership building, process development, and team management.

Sukey Xu,
Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

Sukey Xu Profile Photo

Sukey is a PR and marketing professional with experience in a range of organisations that communicate mainly with the international market. She is the creative glue for CHEFIN’s diverse customer target markets and helps drive engagement and brand loyalty. Her specialty is within experience creation, customer experience and service, and digital marketing.

Marek Dziok,
Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Marek is a strategic thinker with marketing & sales expertise in the development and implementation of enterprise strategies and products across Europe and the USA. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Marek has launched and successfully exited five businesses in the past. He is an expert with marketing strategy, web assets, and brand positioning.

Roman Strul,
Chief Financial Officer

Roman has solid experience in building financial models, developing policies and procedures, anad helping companies reach their biggest possible ROI. A registered Chartered Accountant, Roman combines his finance know-how with a great passion for innovation. His specialty lies within accessing government grants, managing cashflow, startup tax concessions, and guidance throughout the capital raising process.

Winston Zhang,
Executive Chef

Winston has a strong background in fine dining, having worked in sous chef and head chef roles in lauded food institutions such as Merivale, Hyatt Regency, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts worldwide. He brings a sharp eye for quality control, innovative menu & recipe development, and an expertise at all things to do with premium, high quality food services.

Doron Shmilovits,
Chief Legal Officer

Marek is a strategic thinker with marketing & sales expertise in the development and implementation of enterprise strategies and products across Europe and the USA. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Marek has launched and successfully exited five businesses in the past. He is an expert with marketing strategy, web assets, and brand positioning.

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Rob Doll

Executive Chef
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
  • Recommendation score: 90
  • Member since: Jul-2021
Chef CARLOS MOREIRA - Private Chefs Sydney

Carlos Moreira

Executive Chef
  • Location: Australia, New South Wales, Northern Beaches, Dee Why
  • Recommendation score: 90
  • Member since: Nov-2020

Caleb Song

Chef de Cuisine
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
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  • Member since: Aug-2019
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Tom Kime

Celebrity Chef
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
  • Recommendation score: 85
  • Member since: Mar-2018
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Hemant Dadlani

Executive Chef
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
  • Recommendation score: 99
  • Member since: Aug-2019
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Philip Chen

Celebrity Chef
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
  • Recommendation score: 92
  • Member since: Oct-2017
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Robert Morales

Executive Chef
  • Location: Australia, Available to Fly
  • Recommendation score: 94
  • Member since: Sep-2016

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