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Over 20 Private Chefs in Adelaide

Adelaide, have we got a foodie experience for you! If you thought you’d already experienced the tastes of all that this city has to offer in terms of food, wait till you meet our private chefs…

We’ve handpicked a selection of amazing top chefs from Adelaide and they’re eager to impress you with some serious cooking in your own home, venue, or chosen location. Why keep going to the same Adelaide restaurants over and over when you can experience something new and different every time? What if you could also be part of the menu creation process, too?

It’s about time that Adelaide had a food experience that was bespoke, interactive, and engaging. We’re taking chefs out of the kitchen and putting them at the forefront of dining experiences, where they belong. You’ll get to see your chef prep and cook, smell the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen, and interact with them afterwards. We’re all about letting people connect over food, and that means letting the personal chef be part of the experience!


1. Select a dining style

Select the dining style of catering for your special event and the number of dishes you are after, eg. 3-course fine dining meal, cocktail canapes. Reserve here.

2. You will be matched with a Private Chef

Once a booking is reserved, an algorithm will take your menu preferences & match these with the best-matched professional chef in your area.

3. Design a menu together

Your private chef will custom-tailor a menu for you. Chefs LOVE to create dishes and every menu they construct and serve is fully exclusive to your special event only.

4. Enjoy the Art of Dining

Your Private Chef will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand with all ingredients and start preparing everything. The only thing you need to do is sit down, relax and enjoy!


First, CHOOSE A Dining Style

Modern main dish - art of cooking

3-Course Fine Dining

A fine dining 3 course meal will be designed by your private Chef
$195.00per person Inc of GST, minimum 8 people

5-Course Fine Dining

Includes a premium fine dining 5-course meal: 2 starters, 2 mains and 1 dessert
$245.00per person, minimum 7 people Inc of GST

Looking for something different?




Art of Dining Quality Money-Back Guarantee – We guarantee the experience of your meals or your payment back. Trusted by Australia’s top 500 fortune companies, and served more than 90,000 satisfied customers across Australia. Read more…

Safety & Security – Every chef is screened thoroughly via detailed proprietary processes & systems; food safety is mandatory for handling your food; payment is held in a trust account until after the event; a $20mill public liability insurance protects everyone. Read more…

High-quality Ingredients – a process with three important pillars: Health, Environment, and Social Impact is applied when selecting your ingredients. Each source is hand-selected by our network of chefs and screened from CHEFIN for quality & assurance. Read more…

Dedicated Support at Every Step – a private concierge is always available to handle all your special requirements & needs and support you & the Chef with the CHEFIN proprietary software. A wonderful combination delivering great service and top customer satisfaction. Read more…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Private Chef cost in Adelaide?

CHEFIN provides the art of dining experiences to Adelaide food lovers. The price is similar to a fine dining restaurant with the benefits of your very own private chef experience and tailored menu. We have a variety of available packages from cocktail canape packages that cost $55 per person to 3-course meals that cost $185 per person, and 5-course meals that cost $225 per person. Check all CHEFIN PACKAGES here. The price may fluctuate on public holidays and last-minute bookings.

What are the most popular cuisines for Private Chef service in Adelaide?

On the CHEFIN platform, over 20 onboarded Private Chefs in Adelaide provide over 20 world cuisines from the east to west. The diversity of cultural backgrounds and culinary interests shaped them into experts in different styles of cooking. The top 5 popular cuisines for Private Chef service in Adelaide are Modern Australian, French, Japanese, Italian, and South American cuisine.

What does a Private Chef service include in Adelaide?

Once a booking is confirmed, an algorithm will then identify and match you with the best-suited personal chef who will tailor a menu for you. On the day, your private chef in Adelaide will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand with all fresh ingredients, and begin preparing your dishes. Waitstaff arrives separately. The catering team will take care of all the food and drinks (as advised). After the event is over, the catering team will clean the kitchen and event area before leaving you to bask in the afterglow of a wonderful event. Drinks, tableware and glassware can be arranged as add-on services.

Do you have an Adelaide Private Chef available to cook for my event?

As a platform with more than 20 available local chefs in Adelaide, we always have availability – or your money back guarantee! Our team works relentlessly to ensure we have the largest selection of Private Chefs across the country and can fulfil every single guest’s request. On a very unlikely occasion, even if your assigned personal chef has to cancel your event, we could still arrange an alternative personal chef just for you at the last minute. This is the power of a platform – peace of mind for your special occasions.

How can I hire a Private Chef in Adelaide?

Once a PACKAGE (dining style) is booked, CHEFIN’s sophisticated algorithm will take your preferences & match these with the available Chefs in Adelaide. You will be presented with a choice of personal chefs, though during busy periods/last-minute bookings you will be assigned a private chef to work with. Once a private chef in Adelaide is chosen, she/he will customise a menu based on your special requests. A few rounds of menu revisions could be provided upon your feedback.

What do I need to prepare for a Private Chef service in Adelaide?

Not much to be honest. Your private chef Adelaide will only need your assistance with a few small things. You need to prepare a space in your fridge (1-2 shelves), clear your kitchen bench and introduce the private Chef to the kitchen & dining areas. Depending on your booking you will need to prepare crockery/glassware/cutlery & set the dinner table, if no wait staff are included in your event booking. If you have reserved a waitstaff with us, the team could help you with table setting before the service.


We know you Adelaideans love your food, and we know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the range of what each of our chefs can deliver to your perfect dinner party. We’ve handpicked our team of chefs to impress the snobbiest of Adelaide foodies: they’re creative, talented, and skilful culinary wizards. In fact, they’re artists in their own right.

Our onboarded Adelaide personal chefs have experience working in top restaurants all over the world, and they each bring their own unique expertise to this remarkable city. They combine their knowledge of the local Adelaide food scene with the skills and other cuisines that they’ve learned from abroad, creating a completely unique experience that’s fused with their own individual personality and character.

Fancy yourself a bit of a food snob? Great! Let our personal chefs impress you and your friends with their culinary know-how and ability to make menus to please any Adelaide foodies’ dinner party. They know where to source the best produce in the city, how to use unique and obscure ingredients, and even how to forage for local native ingredients in the wild. Each of our chefs brings their own unique twist to the table, so open yourself up to the experience and be blown away at your dinner party!

Private Chef in Adelaide Nick Guan explains his dishes to guests


We’re all about making food personal, and what better way to do that than by letting you have your own menu for your dinner party? Everyone has different tastes and expectations from their meals, so the best way to make sure you get what you want is by matching the right chef in Adelaide for the job, and customising the perfect menu for your dinner party, together with you!

Our private chefs in Adelaide are innovative, creative, and obsessed with food. They love to be challenged with new ideas and concepts – and that means stepping up to your own menu suggestions and ideas (if you have them for your birthday party)!

All our chefs love being a part of your dining experience. They’ll prep and cook in front of you, introduce and serve each dish, and hang around to spin some yarns and crack jokes with you and your guests. You’ll be getting more than just a private chef in Adelaide but an intimate dining experience with the hands that made your food with love. Of course, if you’d prefer to dine in privacy then our personal chefs are also more than happy to step back and let you enjoy your meal by yourselves in peace.



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