Welcome to the CHEFIN Chef Audition Experience!

Are You a Social Influencer with a Passion for Food Critique?

Imagine having the unique opportunity to transform your home into the tasting room of an exclusive dining experience, tasting dishes like a Michelin-starred food critic. CHEFIN is treating influencers like you to a COMPLIMENTARY luxury in-home dining experience with a Private Chef for up to 8 people. Dive into the world of flavors, critique like a professional food critic, and share your journey with your audience. This is not just any dinner; it’s an audition for creativity, taste, and unforgettable moments.

a girl is taking photos at a private dinner party

What is CHEFIN Chef Audition?

CHEFIN Chef Auditions are not your ordinary social gatherings. You and your guests will engage in a unique dining experience, tasting meticulously prepared dishes and providing invaluable feedback to help chefs refine their craft in becoming a Private Chef. It’s a delightful blend of interaction, discovery, and culinary excellence. What’s there not to relish?

a winter truffle dinner partnered with Hopewood House and Robertson Truffle Farm

What to Expect from a CHEFIN Private Chef?

Prepare to be amazed by a dining spectacle right in your own home. A CHEFIN Private Chef will curate a special menu consisting of 2 canapés and a 3-course meal, tailored just for you and up to 7 guests. From shopping for the freshest and most premium ingredients to executing each dish with finesse right before your eyes, our chefs are set to make your evening unforgettable. It’s more than a meal; it’s a culinary journey designed just for you.


What We Expect from You

In return for this exclusive experience, we ask for your engagement and insights. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Invite up to 7 Guests: Create a memorable evening by sharing this unique dining experience with those friends who would also enjoy a food experience.
  • Collect Detailed Feedback: Your thoughts and those of your guests about the chef’s performance and the dishes served are invaluable. We ask you to gather this feedback and submit a detailed form after the event.
  • Capture the Moments: Take at least 30 good-quality photos and short video clips showcasing the chef in action, the delectable dishes, and the joy around your dining table. These moments tell a story we cherish.
  • Share Your Experience: We would love for you to share this unique dining experience on your social media accounts, tagging us (Instagram @chefin.privatechefs) and using relevant hashtags #chefin #artofdining #CelebrateWithCHEFIN. Let your followers live vicariously through your culinary adventure.

Is This Experience for You?

If you’re a social influencer with a taste for unique dining experiences and a knack for sharing engaging content, we’d love to have you.

Ready to embark on this culinary journey? Fill up the form below and step into the world of CHEFIN Chef Audition. Let’s make dining an adventure worth sharing!