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Redefining corporate catering in Adelaide, CHEFIN introduces a fresh perspective to the table. Moving beyond traditional food delivery, we envision catering as a culinary voyage, with the chef playing a pivotal role in the experience. Our creative approach guarantees that every event is transformed into a memorable occasion. Our services are accessible for businesses and events throughout Adelaide, including the CBD and neighboring suburbs. To take your event to the next level, just book through our easy-to-use online platform, and our dedicated local chef will create outstanding dishes that make a lasting impression.

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1. Select Your Style

Whether it’s an intimate 3-course affair or a lavish 5-course feast, choose a dining package that suits your occasion. View here.

2. Matched to Perfection

Our algorithm pairs you with a private chef whose expertise and culinary style match your desires.

3. Tailored to Your Taste

Collaborate with your chef to design a unique menu, exclusively tailored to thrill your palate.

4. Savor the Experience

Your chef takes care of everything, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in the joy of dining.

first, choose a dining style

Cocktail Canapes

Personal Chef designed 9 pieces of gourmet canapes per person
$65.00per person Inc of GST, minimum 30 people

Corporate Lunch

Includes a delightful 2 course meal: a starter or a dessert and one main
$145.00per person, minimum 12 people Inc of GST
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3-Course Fine Dining

A fine dining 3 course meal will be designed by your private Chef
$195.00per person Inc of GST, minimum 8 people

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Art of Dining Quality Money-Back Guarantee – We guarantee the experience of your meals or your payment back. Trusted by Australia’s top 500 fortune companies, and served more than 90,000 satisfied customers across Australia. Read more…

Safety & Security – Every chef is screened thoroughly via detailed proprietary processes & systems; food safety is mandatory for handling your food; payment is held in a trust account until after the event; a $20mill public liability insurance protects everyone. Read more…

High-quality Ingredients – a process with three important pillars: Health, Environment, and Social Impact is applied when selecting your ingredients. Each source is hand-selected by our network of chefs and screened from CHEFIN for quality & assurance. Read more…

Dedicated Support at Every Step – a private concierge is always available to handle all your special requirements & needs and support you & the Chef with the CHEFIN proprietary software. A wonderful combination delivering great service and top customer satisfaction. Read more…

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Frequently Asked questions


How does booking corporate catering with a Private Chef work?

When you make an online booking, you’ll promptly receive a Booking Confirmation email with detailed order information and the subsequent steps. You’ll be prompted to provide dietary preferences, food choices, and event specifications. Our advanced algorithm will then match you with a skilled Private Chef who will design a tailored menu to suit your corporate event.

What kind of menu will be crafted for my corporate event?

Your dedicated Private Chef will meticulously curate a menu tailored to your corporate event’s theme and preferences. We stand by our commitment that you’ll love the menu; if not, we offer a money-back guarantee. Our Chefs excel in creating exclusive dishes that cater to your distinct taste profile.

How is my Private Chef selected for the event?

After confirming your booking, our algorithm matches your preferences with available chefs in your vicinity. While we offer a selection of chefs for you to choose from, during peak times or last-minute bookings, we will seamlessly assign a suitable chef to collaborate with you.


What do I need to prepare for the corporate catering event?

Prepare a designated space in your office or venue, ensuring access to a fridge with 1-2 shelves and cleared kitchen surfaces. Depending on your booking, you might need to arrange crockery, glassware, and cutlery, as well as set the dining table if wait staff are not included. Don’t have them available? Don’t worry! We can help with equipment hiring.

Is there availability for my upcoming corporate event?

With a wide array of over 400 available Chefs across Australia, we guarantee availability or your money back. Our dedicated team continuously strives to offer the largest selection of skilled Private Chefs nationwide to meet every corporate catering need.

When will the Private Chef arrive on the event day?

Your adept Private Chef will arrive 1.5 hours before the event start time, fully equipped with ingredients to craft your dishes. Waitstaff, if included, will arrive separately to ensure seamless service. Our team will manage food and beverage service throughout the event, and post-event, they will leave your premises spotless, allowing you to relish the aftermath of a successful corporate gathering.


When it comes to corporate catering in Adelaide, trust is crucial. As a reliable partner for Australia’s top 500 fortune companies, we’ve established their trust through years of delivering exceptional catering experiences. Our reputation as a professional caterer has been built on meticulous planning and inventive culinary expertise. From business lunches to conferences and special celebrations, our services span a variety of corporate events across Adelaide, including the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence sets us apart. We understand the specific requirements of corporate events and take pride in surpassing expectations. When you choose us, you’re opting for a dependable team that aligns with your company’s goals. Our proven track record showcases successful collaborations with leading companies in Adelaide. We uphold reliability, precision, and excellence in every facet of your corporate event, from the menu to the presentation.

In the dynamic arena of corporate events, the choice of a corporate caterer significantly influences your company’s image. Our dedication to excellence and our track record make us the preferred choice for Adelaide’s top companies. Allow us to manage your corporate catering needs, so you can concentrate on achieving your business objectives with confidence.

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Popular Adelaide corporate catering dining styles

At CHEFIN, we do more than just deliver food; we bring the passion and expertise of a dedicated local chef who will craft a menu customised to your needs. From the simplest snacks to elaborate feasts, every creation is infused with love and dedication, ensuring a memorable experience for your corporate event in Adelaide.

Canapes Catering

Elevate your networking and mingling events with our exquisite selection of hor d’oeuvres and bite-sized delights. Our talented chefs can curate a canape menu that perfectly complements the theme of your event. Each elegant morsel is a burst of flavour, designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Sit-down Meals Catering

Impress clients and leave a lasting impression with our one, two, or three-course lunches and dinners. Our chefs bring culinary expertise to the table, offering a range of options from healthy to hearty, light to indulgent. Your guests’ satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to cater to your unique preferences.

Buffet Catering

Indulge in our private chefs’ specialties with a corporate buffet lunch or dinner that promises an abundance of flavours. This is an invitation to savour various dishes, encouraging seconds and even thirds. Get ready to experience a delightful food journey that may just lead to a satisfying food coma.

Grazing Table Catering

Transform meetings, workshops, and classes into vibrant occasions with our captivating grazing tables. Crafted with the finest ingredients, these fresh and bountiful spreads are perfect for continuous nibbling and mingling. Elevate your corporate event in Adelaide with an array of options that keep conversations flowing.

Cooking Class Catering

Discover the joy of learning while indulging in delectable food through our interactive cooking classes. Our chefs are excited to share delicious recipes and valuable cooking insights. Whether it’s crafting pasta, pizza, desserts, and more, you’ll be engaged in an enriching experience that combines hands-on education with culinary enjoyment.

BBQ Catering

Unleash the flavours of a classic BBQ at your corporate event. Our expert chefs will prepare a succulent spread of grilled delights, creating a casual and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. From perfectly cooked meats to tantalising sides, our BBQ catering promises a memorable culinary adventure.

High Tea Catering

Add an element of sophistication to your corporate gathering with our elegant high tea catering. Delight in a selection of exquisite teas, finely crafted pastries, and dainty treats. Elevate your event with an air of refinement and create cherished moments over delightful conversations.

Your Own Unique Ideas

At CHEFIN, we’re dedicated to creating a tailored experience for your corporate catering needs. We embrace your unique ideas and are here to bring them to life. Let us know your vision, and we’ll collaborate to design the perfect culinary journey that reflects your company’s identity and ensures a memorable event in Adelaide.


Elevate your corporate event in Adelaide by blending the pleasure of food with social interaction and entertainment through our captivating dining experiences. These interactive culinary journeys are meticulously crafted to cultivate connections and create delightful moments around the dinner table.

Our theatrical dining experiences combine unique entertainment and gastronomy, making them a perfect choice for various occasions like employee appreciation events, birthdays, team building activities, and intimate social gatherings. Dive into our diverse range of options including immersive blindfolded dinners, global culinary expeditions, vibrant street food tastings, engaging cooking classes and cook-offs, and even the excitement of culinary camping experiences.

Experience the fusion of flavours, camaraderie, and fun with our innovative dining experiences that can be customised to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re aiming to boost team dynamics, celebrate milestones, or simply enjoy an exceptional meal together, our dining experiences offer a delightful blend of entertainment and culinary joy.

Embark on a journey of flavour, connection, and enjoyment. Explore our collection of dining experiences that promise to enhance your corporate event in Adelaide. Browse through the captivating options that reflect your company’s identity and create a memorable experience that resonates with your guests. Discover the perfect blend of flavours, camaraderie, and entertainment as you create unforgettable memories.

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