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High Tea


High Tea:

Price set for a group of minimum 4 persons. Includes an average of 12 pieces of Gourmet Canapes per person. The menu is carefully designed by a Private Chef based on your requirements.

Comprised of:

  • All necessary High Tea equipment, incl. of crockery, cutlery & decor/set-up,
  • Minimum 4 varieties of premium high quality organic Australian grown tea,
  • Two varieties of substantial savoury items,
  • Four varieties of smaller savoury items,
  • Six varieties of sweet/dessert items.

If you would like to book for a different number of people or are interested in other products please enquire for a bespoke event.

Your menu will be fully customised based on your requirements by a Private Chef.

Menu examples

1. Chef Robert’s Traditional English example menu:

  1. Tea: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Black Rose Tea, Emerald Mango Paradise
  2. Substantial items: Bakewell Tart, Cheese and Onion Flan
  3. Tea sandwiches: Lemon Chicken, Garden Vegetable, Dijon Pesto, Watercress Egg Salad
  4. Sweets: British Fruit Cake, English Scone, Margarita Pie, Chef’s freshly baked Tea Cookies, Toasted Coconut Tea Cakes, Mini Cheesecakes with Vanilla Wafer Crusts

2. Chef Chris’s Modern Australian example menu:

  1. Teas: Bergamot Black Tea, Burdock Journey, Rose Green Tea, Chamomile
  2. Substantial items: Yorkshire Curd Tart, Mushroom Strudel
  3. Small savoury: Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich, Scotch Eggs, Shrimp Skagen, Dijon Pesto tea sandwich
  4. Sweets: Victoria Sponge Cake, Custard Pie, Thumbprint Cookies, Candied Citrus Peels, Eccles Cakes, Earl grey teacakes

3. Chef Sailesh’s New Zealand example menu:

  1. Roasted Dandelion Green Tea, Coconut Black Tea, Linden & Elderflower Tea, Sleeping Beauty
  2. Substantial items: Pork Rillettes, Corned Beef Egg Rolls
  3. Small savoury: Smoked salmon slider with cream cheese & dill, Coronation egg finger sandwich, Chicken Curry Puff, Watermelon and buffalo mozzarella salad
  4. Sweets: Dilmah Earl Grey and raisin scone, Dilmah Green tea cheesecake with hazelnut, Passion fruit mini tart with raspberry Italian meringue,  Raspberry macaroon with white chocolate ganache, Chocolate cupcake with Valrhona chocolate mousse, Pear & saffron and browned butter muffins

Next Steps

Booking process

  • secure your booking by paying in full, if using bank transfer/eft ensure you use the order number as a payment reference, once payment has settled,
  • CHEFIN will send you a booking confirmation calendar invitation with information collection form,
  • when you fill out the form and submit, we will then assign a Chef to your booking,
  • the assigned Chef will design a tailored & unique menu for you & your guests to enjoy,
  • based on your requirements, you will be able to provide feedback and advise on menu & event changes.