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Omakase Dining at home


Japanese Omakase dining, 16 Courses paired with 8 drinks

Omakase (お任せ) is a Japanese food experience which translates to “respectfully leaving another to decide what is best”. This meticulously crafted dinner is curated by a private Head Chef and paired with sensational drinks by your own mixologist. For this experience you will be able to interact directly with your sushi chef & mixologist, who will be preparing your dishes and drinks right in front of your eyes. 

Observing the preparation of this exquisite meal is a memorable spectacle in itself. The chef and mixologist may also share stories and recommendations, adding to the intimacy of this dining experience. 

This experience is designed for a minimum of 10 guests. 

What’s included

  • 16 dégustation courses,
  • 8 paired drinks.

If you would like to book for a different number of people or have any other requirements, please click here to enquire about a bespoke experience

The menu is carefully designed by a Private Chef & Mixologist for your enjoyment

Example Menu

Drink: Clarified roast tomato Martini

  • 1. Sydney Rock oyster, Yuzu Vinaigrette
  • 2. Pacific oyster, Japanese dashi, gratin

Drink: Grapefruit, basil, honey, peated whisky highball

  • 3. Lotus root, sakura salt
  • 4. Smokey edamame, pink salt

Drink: Signature blue Devil highball

  • 5. Silver beet Ohitashi
  • 6. Silver beet root, cured salmon Ceviche. cos lettuce

Drink: Sake, gin, wasabi, lime, cucumber

  • 7. Kingfish Carpaccio, truffle dressing, yuzu, kosyo pepper
  • 8. Truffle soy marinated Tuna sashimi

Drink: Unfiltered pilsner

  • 9. Shio-Koji Karaage Chicken
  • 10. Uni & Shiso Tempura

Drink: Junmai diaginjo sake

  • 11. Braised Barramundi, Daikon radish, Nagoya Red miso
  • 12. Ikura Chawan mushi

Drink: Hinoki, white cacao, bianco vermouth, bitters, whisky, smoke

  • 13. Grilled Saikyo Toothfish
  • 14. Wagyu Dice Steak, Ponzu sauce

Drink: Nama genshu sake

  • 15. Sushi O-toro seared/raw, wasabi
  • 16. Green tea cheesecake, Azuki zenzai bean

Next Steps

Booking process

  • Secure your booking by paying in full. If using bank transfer/EFTPOS, please ensure you use the order number as a payment reference.
  • CHEFIN will email you a booking confirmation and calendar invitation. This will include a form to collect your information and particular needs/requirements.
  • Once you have filled in the form and sent it back to us, we will assign a Chef to your booking based on your needs and ideas.
  • Your assigned Chef will design a unique menu tailored to your brief, event, and tastes.
  • You can preview this menu, provide feedback, and advise of any menu & event changes along the way.