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CHEFIN - your caterer

CHEFIN is turning corporate catering from a service to an experience. A mouth-watering, high quality, all-too-easy experience. We know Sydney’s a huge foodie city, and we’ve made it super easy to connect with local private chefs so that corporate catering is tastier and easier than ever.

We’re out to make food social again, to re-introduce the chef as part of the eating journey, and to deliver a stress-free onsite service to our corporate catering clients. Because freshly made, gourmet food cooked up by a passionate and dedicated chef shouldn’t be so hard to find.

Sydney catering - gourmet canapes

Tasty corporate catering experiences

We don’t just deliver plates of food here at CHEFIN. We deliver a passionate, dedicated local chef who’ll design a menu that caters to your needs. From the simplest snacks to elaborate meals, all of our chef’s creations are full of love and dedication.


Hor d’oeurves and bite-sized treats to satisfy the taste buds of hardworking Sydney minglers and networkers. Our chefs can design a canape menu that suits the theme of your event.

Sit-down meals

One, two, or three-course lunches and dinners that will impress clients and send everyone home happy. Healthy, hearty, light, or heavy, you ask and our chefs will deliver.


Get a taste of our private chefs’ special dishes with a corporate buffet lunch or dinner. There’ll be plenty of food to go around, so seconds and thirds are encouraged. Prepare for a food coma.

Grazing table

Meetings, workshops, and classes are all made more exciting with a good grazing table. Fresh smorgasbords using high quality ingredients that you can keep picking at for hours.

Cooking class

Our chefs have a lot of delicious recipes and helpful cooking hints and tricks to pass on, and a cooking class is the best way to enjoy tasty food while learning at the same time. Make pasta, pizza, desserts, and more!

Your own unique ideas

We’re all about delivering a customised experience here at CHEFIN, so don’t let us hold you back from your own ideas! If you’ve got anything in mind, let us know and we’ll help you create the perfect experience.

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what makes CHEFIN


We’re not just about serving your meals, packing up, and going home. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional meals and uniting people over the love of food. When you work with CHEFIN, you also get the following perks:

 A private chef just for you

We have a talented team of passionate Sydney chefs who live and breathe food. We’ll match your request with the most suitable one for the job, and they’ll work with you to craft the perfect custom menu for your event.

 Years of experience under our belt

We are a startup,  but we have years of experience delivering delicious meals. Through our online marketplace, we serve over 10,000 happy customers per year. That’s 10,000 food comas – and you could be next.

 A customised catering experience

We want to deliver an unforgettable experience for each of our clients, and sometimes that means doing things a little differently. Whatever your desires, we’ll do our best to help you create the perfect event.

High-quality ingredients, no hidden fees 

Our chefs are very passionate about their craft, and that means using only the freshest locally grown ingredients. No stale cafe sandwiches here! At the same time, we remain honest and upfront with all of our pricing. You can trust there’ll be no hidden fees or add ons. We offer a quality guarantee or your money back.