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Food doesn’t get more interactive and personal than choosing your own chef. One of our biggest goals here at CHEFIN is to help people reconnect over the love of food, and we don’t think that’s possible without the chef being part of the experience. Chefs are the force behind the cooking, the genius behind the flavours, and they should be out there interacting with diners.

When booking a private chef with CHEFIN, you’re getting more than just someone who will cook a fantastic meal. You’re getting a unique atmosphere and social aspect of dining, you’re learning about the ingredients used and the history of the food you’re eating, and you’re getting one heck of a great host. Yep, if you’re hosting then that means you can offload your duties to the chef.

Each of our Melbourne chefs is different, with their own unique twist on cooking. They’ll be working with you to design a delicious custom menu, so read below and get inspired!

Meet our signature Melbourne chefs

Chef Sailesh Vala

'I love to pick up fresh ingredients and cook them in a way that blows the mind’

A little about Chef Sailesh Vala:

Sailesh is CHEFIN’s very own Heston. With a speciality in cooking Indigenous Maori foods, Sailesh is another one of our chefs who is deeply fond of foraging for fresh, local ingredients. Sailesh won’t just serve you a plate of food, he’ll create a work of art with the ingredients and transform your eating experience. If you’re looking for food that’s different, cooked with creativity & love, and blows away your senses, Sailesh has you covered.

Private Chef Sailesh Vala - Melbourne

Highlights for Chef Sailesh Vala:

Sailesh’s dishes:

  • Indigenous Maori foods that utilise foraged local ingredients (which means there’s a story behind every element!),
  • Sailesh loves cooking meat & seafood, so if you’re after a hearty BBQ he’ll bring the goods,
  • Sailesh’s dishes are all about creating shapes & dimensions in the food that gets your imagination going. An example? Dessert in the shape of a flower pot with chocolate soil…
Chef Sailesh Vala dish

Chef Winston Zhang

‘I love to delight diners with innovative & beautiful dishes. For me, food is creating unique ways of presenting dishes while keeping that authentic taste’

A little about Chef Winston Zhang:

People who love to eat always make great chefs and Winston is one of them. Originally from Shanghai, Winston’s love of food was born in Sydney thanks to its beautifully diverse selection of ingredients. Winston is a chef who lives, breathes, and eats food, with every moment of his waking life devoted to it. When he’s not cooking, he’s eating, and that’s what guarantees you a premium chef with tonnes of innovation and passion.

Private Chef Winston Zhang - Melbourne

Career highlights for Chef Winston Zhang:

Working as Sous Chef in Sydney’s exclusive Establishment Hotel.

Winston’s dishes:

  • Winston’s love of food has him constantly innovating in the way he presents and puts dishes together,
  • His food is authentic, flavoursome, and packed with passion.
Personal Chef Winston Zhang dish

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Chef Laurent Siloret

'I love making pastry in my spare time and putting a tiny modern twist to these great dishes. '

A little about Chef Laurent Siloret:

Originating from Nice France, Chef Laurent Siloret has worked with some of the great names of gastronomy in France, like Joel Robuchon (Paris), Guy Savoy (Paris) and Jean-Claude Blanc (London). He has also worked alongside esteemed chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Christophe Leroy at “La table du Marche” in St Tropez.
In 2004 he worked in the United States as a Chef de Cuisine for the restaurant “Le Provence” in Orlando.

Want to learn more about Chef Laurent? Visit his CHEFIN profile here.

Private Chef Laurent Siloret - Melbourne

Career highlights for Chef Laurent Siloret:

It’ very hard to say, I love so many different cuisines from around the world like Italian & Japanese however my heart will always be with French cuisine. Nothing compares with the sophistication, tradition and taste of real French dishes. I do love Making French Pastry & also Bakery as so much creativity is offered. Some of my other favourite dishes are listed below:

Laurent’s dishes:

  • Blanquette De Veau
  • Tarte Aux Pommes Normande

Chef Dalton Grant

‘I'm passionate about food and bringing the exotic, rich flavours of the Caribbean Region for all Australians to enjoy’

Career highlights for Chef Dalton Grant:

Dalton is a Restaurateur and Entrepreneur who worked extensively with importing and distributing obscure & tasty Caribbean favourites in Australia.

Dalton’s dishes:

A melting pot of the flavours of the Caribbean and its influences – (West Africa, India, and England just to name a few),
Jamaican food is incredibly flavourful and rich. Ask Dalton to cook you up a Jerk Chicken BBQ – the neighbours will be running over.

Personal Chef Dalton Grant Jnr - Melbourne

A little about Chef Dalton Grant:

Get a taste of the Caribbean in your belly with Jamaican-born Dalton’s rich and exotic dishes. Dalton is passionate about his culture and its flavourful food and is keen to share his favourite meals with Aussies. If you can handle a bit of spice, want some cooking that’s a melting pot of different influences & cultures, and love street food style meals, Dalton’s got it all.


Thought you’d already experienced the best food Melbourne had to offer? Meet our team of private chefs. Handpicked from some of the city’s top restaurants, we can’t wait for you to experience our chefs’ cooking.

There’s no city more crazy about food and dining than Melbourne. Crawling with restaurants, cafes, eat streets, and street foods, the culinary scene in Melbourne moves quickly. That’s why we had to make sure our team of Melbourne private chefs were truly stellar: they have to impress this city’s large foodie population.

Our criteria for choosing our Melbourne chefs was simple: They have to be obsessed with food. They must be creative, passionate, and driven to explore new food concepts and ideas. Most of all, they’ve gotta be keeping up on everything to do with food in Melbourne, from sourcing new and obscure ingredients to adopting special techniques and impeccable presentation. Our Melbourne chefs will engage your senses, spark conversation, and leave a mark on your memory. They won’t be hiding in the kitchen.

We think it’s time that Melbourne’s diverse and sprawling dining scene was made more accessible and interactive. After all, who are the chefs behind all those dishes this city enjoys so much? That’s why we’re taking chefs out of the kitchen and reintroducing them as a part of the dining experience. Our Melbourne private chefs are at the forefront of the eating experience, showing off their creations and interacting with diners.


Melbournians have high standards when it comes to food, and we know that. That’s why we’ve handpicked each of our chefs for their unique skills, talents, and culinary wizardry. Our private chefs are not just chefs, they’re artists.

Drawing inspiration from all over the world thanks to years of experience in top international restaurants, our chefs bring their own unique edge to Melbourne. With a deep culinary foundation from abroad, our chefs also know the ins and outs of Melbourne. They know the city’s top restaurants, how people like to dine, and what Melbournians want in good food. They know where to get the best produce in the city, source premium ingredients, and even how to forage for wild native ingredients.

Fancy yourself a bit of a food snob? Great! Let our private chefs impress you with their own unique twist on cooking. Each of our Melbourne chefs will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.


We don’t blame you. If you’d like to experience an unforgettable meal from one of our Melbourne chefs, you can make a booking request here. Our private chefs will cook your meal on-site from anywhere, whether that’s home, office, park, or event space. We’ll look at your requirements and match you with the best chef for the job, so the two of you can craft the ultimate dream menu!


Our chefs are available for any and all catering and chef experiences. Home chefs, restaurant chefs, corporate chefs, event chefs, last minute chefs, and everything in-between. You ask and we deliver!

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  • You get your very own private chef to prepare a custom meal,
  • Your personal chef will source the freshest local ingredients on the day of your event, and arrive one hour early to prepare the deliciousness,
  • You’ll have a friendly & professional team welcoming your guests to your awesome breakfast, lunch, or dinner experience,
  • Your private chef will cook each meal right before your eyes, and personally serve and explain each gourmet course,
  • You’ll get to hear the stories and secrets behind each dish (and take home some recipes!),
  • When the experience is over, your chef will clean up and leave everything completely spotless.

Private Chefs Melbourne

Join our team

Feel like you have what it takes to be a top CHEFIN personal chef? We’re always on the lookout for passionate, talented, and creative chefs to join our team. Our ideal private chef would be:

  • Highly experienced & dedicated to the culinary arts,
  • Full of personality and creativity,
  • Ready to be a part of the dining experience,
  • Seriously in love with good food!

Sound like you’ve got what it takes? We’d love to see what you have to offer! Put through your pitch on our Chefs Sign Up page here, and we’ll bring you in for a chef’s audition. This is your chance to showcase your skills, creativity, and best dishes in front of CHEFIN’s social foodie club. If you impress, you’ll be in and ready to take on CHEFIN’s catering and culinary experiences for yourself!

Click here to check the onboarding process and join CHEFIN!