Australian Wagyu grading and marbling scores

6 Ambassadors of Australian Wagyu in the US

Wagyu beef is in high demand all across the world, recognised as one of the most luxurious meats on the market. What makes this meat so highly prized is its marbling content, which imparts a silky smooth buttery tenderness to the meat. Wagyu beef is unlike any other beef you’ll taste. The only way to […]

banner image the state of private dining in australia

[Infographic] The State of Private Dining in Australia 2022

Personal chefs are the must-have luxury of a post-pandemic world. COVID-19’s sweeping impact on society has included a growing desire for luxury, comfort, and ‘treating yourself’ to the finer things in life. People are embracing the opportunity to live largely and spoil themselves and their loved ones with special experiences. As good food is one […]

Chef Wiwin Jong Plating

Tour Australia Through 7 Unique Fine Dining Experiences at Home with a Private Chef

Ever wanted to peek inside our luxurious dining experiences? Join us as we take you around Australia through 7 unique fine dining experiences with a private chef. We’ll make a stop at each major city and give you a glimpse inside a real CHEFIN event, including the client’s backstory and unique event menu. You’ll see […]

a happy family having social meal at home with family style shared plates dinner

Can’t see mum this Mother’s Day? Surprise her with a meal by a home chef

Some of the most quintessential Mother’s Day gifts are breakfast in bed or an elaborate home-cooked meal served with a nice, cold glass of wine. There’s something about donning an apron and cooking a meal for mum that truly says, ‘You take a break – the food is on me today’. But what if you […]


Nick Guan: The Asian-fusion chef who swapped accounting for Le Cordon Bleu

Chef de cuisine Nick Guan could very easily have spent his life crunching numbers instead of being in the kitchen doing what he loves. Three years into an accounting degree in China, the chef sensed something was off and dropped out, choosing instead to fly to Adelaide and start a new life. The bold move […]


The Past and Future of Fine Dining

Fine dining has been a pinnacle of the food industry for generations – it’s hard to imagine a world without Michelin-starred restaurants and hatted chefs expressing their creativity on the dining table. But fine dining itself is a relatively modern concept, the evolution of which is an intriguing tale shaped by historical events and characters […]


From prep to plate: A behind-the-scenes look at how chefs create canapés

They may be small, but creating canapés is no easy feat. It takes hours or even days to create what is consumed in just seconds! Every single part of a canapé is carefully considered by the chef before it lands on your plate – and that’s the beauty of it. Despite their small size, canapés […]


4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July With Family, Friends & Coworkers

In case you missed it, Christmas in July is the southern hemisphere’s way of enjoying that wintery Chrissy we’ve grown up watching on TV and in the movies. It’s a chance to enjoy the cosy vibes of mulled wine, Christmas jumpers, and huddling close with friends and family as we relish in warm, hearty foods […]

A bunch of friends enjoying a good time

What socialising might look like in a post-covid world

We’ve been in and out of lockdown for a couple of years now. A lot of us have felt lonely during that time, separated from family and friends and unable to partake in the usual midweek and weekend socialising that we’re used to. Some people have lost friends while others feel as though their social […]

Chef Nick Guan explains his dishes to guests

Things you want to know about hiring a private chef

If you haven’t had the time of enjoying a private chef experience before, you might have a few burning questions you want to ask before you dive in and hire one. Maybe how much does it cost hiring a private chef? Or what even is a private chef, anyway?  We created this ultimate guide to […]

How to Take Good Food Photos Using Your Phone

It’s obvious: the internet loves food photos. But there are two types of food photos you’ll find online: those that look enticing and those that make you want to close down the app and never look at food again. If you’ve scrolled through food photos for Instagram you’ll know exactly the type of pictures we […]


Meet ‘The Crazy Chef’: Chef Gaggan Anand

Fine dining and Indian cuisine may not seem like the perfect match, but that’s because nobody managed to pull off the perfect balance of the two – until Chef Gaggan Anand, that is. The wacky, eccentric chef has a mind that boggles and a genius that knows no bounds. The Indian born and bred chef […]