6 Ideas for a Non-Cheesy Romantic Dinner Date

Romantic dinner ideas.

Ah, the old romantic dinner date. Candles, white tablecloths, awkward silences… trying to pull off a romantic dinner that’s not cheesy, cliche, or awkward can be a little tricky. There’s a reason why a lot of us are just going for Netflix and Chill these days. But here at CHEFIN, we reckon it’s time we brought back romantic dinners. There’s plenty of fun, adventure, and experience to be had when you’re sharing food with a loved one (or a first date). And it doesn’t all have to cost a fortune, either.

If you’re stumped for romantic dinner ideas, we’ve got you. Here are six ways you can enjoy a romantic dinner date that’s not cheesy – unless you’re talking about the delicious kind. Then it can be cheesy. It can be very cheesy.

  • Blindfolded dinner
  • Picnic under the stars
  • Dinner in a secret venue
  • Netflix & chill with a private chef
  • Cooking class
  • Culinary camping

1. Blindfolded dinner

What’s sexier than blindfolds on a romantic night out? A blindfolded dinner is an excellent way to both spice up an old relationship that’s fizzling out or impressing a new love interest. With a blindfolded dinner, it’s just you, your date, heaps of tasty food, and no sense of sight. You can enjoy each bite and every course entirely through your sense of taste. What exactly are you eating? Who knows! Have a guess, enjoy the experience, and when you take off your blindfold your date will look twice as good cos you won’t have seen them for a while.

2. Picnic under the stars

This one is great when the weather is warm but can be done in winter too! Just add blankets and maybe even a little campfire for extra romance. Ditch the restaurant and take your date out on a romantic picnic under the stars. It could be anywhere – the beach, a park, your backyard. Hire a private chef to sort out a few meals, and let the two of you enjoy the open skies while food gets handed to you. What better way to feel like royalty. It will impress new dates for sure – make sure they don’t think you’ve always got a private chef on hand.

3. Dinner in a secret venue

Perhaps it’s your anniversary or another occasion, and you want to do something extraordinary for your partner. Rather than splurging on a table at an expensive restaurant, why not spend a little money on hiring out a secret venue entirely for you and your romantic dinner date? From secret warehouses under the Harbour Bridge to private restaurants, secret venues will not only impress your date but give you two the privacy you need on a romantic night. Let a chef cook and deliver delicious food to your table, serve you with attention, and enjoy a dinner that’s all about you two.

4. Netflix & chill with a private chef

Maybe the two of you are just so tired that when date night rolls around, all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch some TV. And who said that couldn’t be romantic? Rock the socks off your partner by hiring a private chef to come straight to your house and cook you and your partner an incredibly romantic dinner. The two of you can lay on the couch watching TV, have a chat with the chef, smell the delicious scents wafting from the kitchen, and relish in the fact that you don’t have to lift a finger. Dishes? Sorted.

5. Cooking class

For guaranteed no-awkward-silences, the two of you need to be kept busy throughout the night. If you’re taking out someone new and you’re not sure if the conversation will be flowing, why not go to a cooking class? It’s not much different than paying for dinner, except you’ll be making it yourselves and getting some great culinary tips straight from the chefs themselves! The two of you can bond over learning to make pasta, then tasting that pasta, and go home with some impressive new skills (even if you didn’t get to go home with the date).

6. Culinary camping

If you two are more the outdoorsy type, there’s no better way to enjoy a romantic dinner date than out in the bush with the stars and the trees. Culinary Camping is the ultimate feast in the outdoors – it’s you, your date, and a chef cooking up some food that you won’t believe wasn’t made in a restaurant kitchen. Food tastes better when you’re camping, it’s a fact, and this is a romantic dinner date idea that can be combined with a bit of camping to make an inexpensive little overnight getaway, too!

Wait, where do I get all these private chefs? From us! We’ve got a team of passionate and talented private chefs who are ready to come and help you pull off the romantic dinner date. Whether you’re using one of our romantic dinner ideas above or you’ve got your creative dinner ideas, we’ll help you plan a night to remember!


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