Asian style dumplings

What to Eat on Lunar New Year

You cannot celebrate Chinese New Year without a banquet full of auspicious and symbolic foods. Every dish chosen on the Chinese New Year dinner table is symbolic and deeply rooted in Chinese culture to bring luck and good wishes for the year ahead. 1. Dumplings: a symbol of wealth Dumplings are traditionally known as being […]

How to Set the Table for Chinese New Year

How to Set the Table for Chinese New Year

If you haven’t celebrated Chinese New Year before, we highly recommend it! It’s a wonderful festival that brings loved ones together so they can wish each other a prosperous and bountiful year ahead. The festival is celebrated for two weeks, with families coming together for a reunion dinner on the last evening of the festival […]

Sydney NYE: The Best Places to Dine & Watch the Fireworks

Sydney on New Year’s Eve is a battle to seek out the best vantage points of the city’s famous fireworks. If you’re willing to spend the day setting up camp in anticipation for the evening fireworks, there are plenty of free spots around the city surrounding areas. Beware, however: it’s a tough crowd with little […]

Here’s How the Rest of the World Feasts on Christmas

Fancy doing something different this Christmas? How about trading in the glazed ham and BBQs for some international fare? Christmas dinner may be synonymous with lambs, hams, pavlovas, and prawns here in Australia, but there’s a whole world of Christmas feasts out there. As you can imagine, every country brings its own unique flavour to […]

How to Develop a Dish Like a Private Chef

How to Develop a Dish Like a Private Chef

A private chef’s creations might look effortless, but the behind-the-scenes is a different story. It’s a whirlwind of choosing ingredients, brainstorming, harmonising, layering, structuring, and presenting. There are wrong decisions, right decisions, guesswork, and a whole lot of intuition behind developing a dish. In our opinion, watching a chef develop a dish is the same […]

We now use science to trace the source of our Australian seafood

We are proud to announce a new partnership with science based non-profit, the Marine Stewardship Council. Together we will provide our customers with Australian seafood that can be traced back to healthy fish populations. At CHEFIN Australia, we are expanding our network of chefs across greater Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. As we continue to match […]

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Iconic Dishes From the World’s Top 5 Restaurants

Ever wondered what it’s like to dine at the world’s top restaurants? We may not all have the opportunity to hop around the globe indulging in Michelin-starred meals and experimenting with new and intricate flavours, but on the internet you can experience anything – including what’s on the menu at the world’s top restaurants. Every […]

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The Ultimate Luxury is Having a Private Chef Host Your Event 

If you’ve always been enticed by the idea of having a personal chef host your event, it’s for good reason. Hiring a private chef lets you be the guest at your own event and ensures all your guests leave impressed, happy, and satisfied. A good personal chef can turn any event from a regular experience […]

From Prep to Plate: Here’s How our Chefs Work to Create Incredible Canapés for You

They may be small, but creating canapés is no easy feat. What’s consumed in mere seconds takes hours or days of preparation, and consideration on every level. The complexity and creativity behind canapés is a testament to the chef’s skilful talent and ability to fuse colour, taste, and texture on the plate. As The Independent […]

Private chef cooking

6 Things a Private Chef Can Bring to Your Kitchen

Private chefs. We all like the idea of them, but we don’t all see what they can bring to the table. In the age of Masterchef, everyone fancies themselves a home cook, but how much can you pull off in the kitchen? It’s fun trying out new cooking techniques and culinary trickery, but there are […]

5 Spooky Dishes We’ve Made for Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be all pumpkins and lollies. In fact, there’s nothing spooky about those dishes at all. If you’re looking to really creep things up this Halloween, you need to go for inventive dishes that are bloody, scary, ugly, and deadly. While still tasting delicious, of course. Don’t have the finesse, creativity, or […]

How to Throw a Winning Melbourne Cup Luncheon for Your Office

How to Throw a Winning Melbourne Cup Luncheon for Your Office

It’s almost time for the race that stops the nation! Melbourne Cup only happens once a year, so you might as well make the most of it. The race is a great opportunity for team building,  light-hearted fun, and to give your team a break from their everyday work duties. Planning a Melbourne Cup office […]