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Here’s Why You Should Hire a Private Chef for Your Event

Imagine yourself at your next event or social gathering. Now instead of picturing frantic madness, you are sitting back and socialising with your guests as your own private chef cooks up a storm in the kitchen. You can hear the food sizzling away, smell the wafting fragrances, and see your chef at work, bringing to […]

5 Reasons You Need a Private Chef

Who are private chefs for? Most people would say ‘yes’ to a private chef experience in a heartbeat. Personal chefs have all the glitz and glamour of fancy restaurants, with added privacy and exclusivity. It’s like having the restaurant all to yourself, with the chef cooking just for you and your guests. You can choose […]

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6 Unique Ideas for a COVID-19 Valentine’s Day

As much as we’d love to imagine otherwise, Valentine’s Day might look a little different this year. It’s still too early to tell what the COVID-19 landscape will be like, and the rules are always changing, but either way – it’s time to think of some ways to truly wow your partner while still sticking […]

Melbourne, it’s Time to Party! Gathering Restrictions Ease From Oct 28

Victoria residents are dusting off their party clothes after Premier Daniel Andrews gave the OK for COVID-19 restrictions to ease from Wednesday 28 October. Hospitality and retail venues are reopening statewide with restrictions dramatically eased after Victoria recorded its first day with zero coronavirus cases since June 9. After midnight 27 October 2020, Victorians can […]

How to Celebrate a Birthday During Lockdown Period

Someone close to you celebrating a birthday during COVID19? All is not lost! This is an opportunity to plan a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebration for your partner, friends, or family. Where there’s a lack of restaurants, there’s an opportunity to get inventive and bring the restaurant home. Where there’s a lack of pubs, you […]

3 Ideas for Socialising With Friends During COVID19 Lockdown & Restrictions

Did anyone ever expect COVID19 lockdowns to last this long? What started off as a pleasant break from social obligations and day-to-day chores has turned into a craving for human connection. We miss our friends, we miss our families, we miss get togethers and big lunches and birthday parties. And with some countries now lifting […]

4 Spots to Host a Secret Romantic Dinner this Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing less romantic than being with your partner in the throngs of a crowd, sharing your romantic dinner with all the other loved up couples in the room. So make this Valentine’s Day just about you and your special someone by planning a secret romantic dinner away from the busy hotspots. You’ll treat your […]

3 Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary During Lockdown & Restrictions Period

Let’s be honest: it’s been a strange year. While social distancing guidelines are finally loosening up here in Australia, it’ll still be some time before the world returns to normal. And until then, many of us are still trying to figure out how to celebrate milestones and really feel the enormity of a special event […]

How to Organise a Team Building Event During the Lockdown & Restrictions Period

Working from home has quickly become the norm over the last few months and work culture has been impacted as a result. It’s hard to recreate the sense of community that comes with nipping down for coffee breaks or chatting in the kitchen when everyone is cooped up in their own home. As many people […]

6 Immune-Boosting Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now

Our bodies are equipped with a natural defence system that can help fight viruses, infections, and bacteria – but are we taking care of it? Now is the time to start adding immune-boosting foods to your diet. Not only is there a global pandemic, but we’re about to enter the winter season. If you’re prone […]