5 Fun Staff Games for This Year’s Office Christmas Party

An office Christmas party should always have fun and games, yummy food to gorge on, and some kind of gift-giving. It’s the end of the year, your team has been working super hard, and they all deserve a nice big bash as a reward. You don’t even have to leave the office to have some […]

Corporate event sit down meal

The Ultimate Guide to Catering a Business Lunch or Client Meeting

Never underestimate the power of catering when hosting a client meeting or business lunch. Especially valuable if you’re meeting with people who are considering doing business with you, quality corporate catering sets a high standard for your first impression and helps create connections with your clients. Because really, what better way is there to connect […]

Corporate catering - high tea table

A History of High Tea: Afternoon Fun for the Elite

High Tea – what is this? We might call it high tea here, but in England, it’s just plain old afternoon tea. That’s all semantics, but the real question is – why do we have the tradition of socialising over tea in the first place? What made people want to sit around eating scones and […]

Finger food and canapes by CHEFIN

Why it Tastes So Good to Eat With Your Hands

Pizza, burgers, chicken wings, finger foods, cheese boards – food that’s eaten with your hands is indulgent, delicious, and a whole lot more pleasurable. Maybe it’s the added sense of touch, the element of play and exploration, or the way it helps our body connect with the food and digest it better. If you’re the […]

What the World’s Biggest Companies Feed Their Employees

It’s no secret that food perks at work attract the best talent and help boost employee productivity. We’re not talking about vending machines, either. We’re talking about freshly cooked meals made by on-site chefs – and all completely free for employees. Why should you offer food perks? Because your employees are your greatest asset, and […]

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 1, 2017: People ice skating outdoor in front of St Marys cathedral for Sydney Winter Festival

3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July in Your Office

We all love Christmas, so why not experience it twice? In Australia, Christmas in July is our chance to have that wintery Christmas we grew up watching in the movies – dewy mornings, mulled wine, huge wintery spreads, and maybe a bit of ice skating if you’re lucky. Whether you’re looking to boost morale, get […]

End of Financial Year Party

5 Ways to Celebrate EOFY as a Team

End of financial year is crunch time for a lot of employees, and that’s why it needs to be balanced with some kind of celebration. With looming deadlines and extended hours, EOFY is a great time to treat your team to something special to reward them for all the hard work they’re putting in. Considering […]

How to Choose the Best Catering Style for Your Corporate Event

Are you planning a corporate event? Don’t overlook the catering – it’s one of the most essential elements of pulling off a successful and productive corporate event. Corporate catering isn’t just about supplying some yummy nibbles and snacks to entice employees and clients into paying attention, and it’s much more than that: Food helps fuel […]

Christmas in July celebration

3 Fun Ways to Get Your Team Together for Christmas in July

Christmas in July themed team building exercises It’s the mid-year event that gives Aussies a chance to experience a wintery Christmas, and no workplace should leave their employees out of the fun! Christmas in July (or Yulefest) is our chance to relish in the warm, hearty goodness of a Christmas spent indoors with hot beverages, […]

10 Unique Ways to Spend Mother’s Day this Weekend

In case you hadn’t remembered, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. That’s right, the one day of the year dedicated to giving back to the one lady who’s infinitely given so much love and support to us throughout our lives. You can’t forget about this one. Sorting a Mother’s Day gift is easy … just head […]

What is Traditional Australian Cuisine?

The Ultimate Guide to Australian Cooking & Traditional Australian Food Trying to define Australian cuisine isn’t always easy. Sure, we have meat pies, lamingtons, and pavlova, but there’s so much more to our cooking than that. While we don’t have a traditional dish or native ingredients that define our food, in recent years we have […]

Valentines Day traditions all around the World

Need Ideas? Here’s How V-Day is Celebrated Around the World

If you thought Valentine’s Day needed to be celebrated with a box of chocolates and some red roses, it’s time to take a trip around the world. It’s not always about the candlelit dinners and elaborate gifts! Whether you’re stumped for ideas or just want to do something different this Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetheart […]