Private Dining Trends & Updates – September 2023

Industry News

Hospitality Platforms Mr Yum and Me&U Merging to Become a New Global Giant

Australian tech scale-ups me&u and Mr Yum have announced an all-stock merger, aiming to dominate the global hospitality industry. The merger will fund a global expansion of the hospitality payment businesses.

Gender-Based Violence is a Big Concern in Hospitality and Women Bear the Brunt of Managing It

A report highlights the persisting issue of gender-based violence in the hospitality industry, with women often bearing the brunt of managing it.


Chef Spotlight 

More Than 100 Chefs Gather to Fight Children’s Cancer in Los Angeles

Over 100 chefs gathered in LA for a charity event aimed at fighting children’s cancer, showcasing their culinary talents for a good cause.

Gourmet Riches: Ranking the 10 Richest Chefs on the Planet

A recent ranking of the world’s wealthiest chefs was published, with some surprising names on the list.

Most Influential Celebrity Chefs

This article lists some of the most influential celebrity chefs who have made a significant impact on the culinary world.

Why is Gordon Ramsay Always Angry on TV?

An interesting read exploring the TV persona of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and his infamous fiery temper.


Food and Trends

Chicago Chefs are Reinventing the Fine Dining Experience

In a progressive move, Chicago-based chefs are reinventing the fine dining experience, challenging traditional norms and expectations.

Why Chefs Avoid Serving Food On Blue Plates

Different colors stimulate different emotional responses in the brain. Chefs typically stay away from blue plates as there isn’t any naturally blue food and it is thought to be an unappetising color.

New England Style Ice Cream

An article delving into the creamy delight that is New England style ice cream, a must-try for all dessert lovers.

Chinese Chefs Bring Back Traditional Cooking Methods

In an effort to preserve culinary heritage, Chinese chefs are reverting to traditional cooking methods, providing a unique twist on modern dishes.

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