Rafaela Neves

Chef de Cuisine

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Rafaela has travelled and lived in several countries, working for some of the best restaurants in the world, including Montali Hotel in Umbria-Italy, also internships in Israel’s best restaurants.

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Rafaela was born on an island in southeastern Brazil, my passion for cooking started at a young age. She did my Culinary training in São Paulo while studying Nutrition and Food Safety at college.
She then moved to Asia, working on a small island in Indonesia as an Executive Chef, which was a challenge for her that helped her grow to her full potential as a chef. Being a private chef makes her feel alive. Rafaela’s top priority in life is to share her passion for food & culture from around the world. The countries she has visited through her food journey inspire every dish she presents to diners. Rafaela’s favourite cuisine is the Mediterranean. Diners will find Mediterranean influences on her menus, sometimes dishes and other times cooking styles or specific ingredients.
Rafaela always looks forward to the uniqueness of each dinner – the custom-tailored menus for each customer are her forte and she enjoyed delivering unique dining experiences for her guests.
Rafaela was and still is really curious about everything food & culture related as her mom nor her grandmother cook at home. She was inspired by that and didn’t want to eat every day the same food. Pushed to explore cooking early in her life as simply an experiment. After it became a hobby, then a passion and finally her natural field of work that delivers joy to her & dinners around the world.


I do love desserts, my recently creation is a Mille-feuille but not classic: fresh baked puff pastry with dark chocolate Callebaut, Almond Praline paste with small pieces of pop corn, what gives a crunch for it. On top of it add a light and smoothie white chocolate ganache e a beautiful crisp Caramelized Popcorn, on the side a Macadamia Gelato. Isn't over sweet is just balance. I love the idea of the popcorn because reminders me the summer market vibes.