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Discover the culinary mastery of Chef Karl Nicholson, a seasoned Personal Chef in Perth, Australia. With a flair for Cuisine European Fusion and Cuisine Modern Australian, he transforms dining into an unforgettable experience.

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  • Location: Australia, Perth, Western Australia
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  • Member since: Aug-2023
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Chef Karl Nicholson brings 14 years of culinary expertise to Perth, Australia, where he now offers his skills as a Private Chef. Known for his commitment to seasonality and sustainable cooking, Karl’s ethos centres on using the finest local produce and minimising waste. This philosophy is evident in his innovative dishes, which often incorporate parts of ingredients typically discarded, creating exciting and unique flavours.

Before moving to Perth, Chef Karl was the proud owner of Olive & Grape in Liverpool, UK, an award-winning restaurant renowned for its fine dining experience. His passion for food and dedication to his craft earned Olive & Grape the title of “Best Fine Dining Restaurant, Liverpool” in 2021.

Karl is passionate about the “chef’s table” dining style, offering immersive and informative culinary experiences. His love for foraging, butchery, and the great outdoors fuels his creativity in the kitchen, ensuring every meal is a testament to his culinary journey. Now, as a Personal Chef Location Perth, Australia, he brings his rich European Fusion background and modern Australian techniques to the tables of discerning clients.


Chef Karl Nicholson's favourite dishes reflect his love for Cuisine European Fusion and Cuisine Modern Australian. Each creation is a showcase of his skill in transforming simple ingredients into complex, flavourful masterpieces. One of his standout dishes is a foraged mushroom risotto, where the earthy richness of local mushrooms is complemented by a creamy, aromatic base. This dish exemplifies his ability to elevate seasonal produce into a gourmet experience, making it a favourite among his clients in Perth. Another highlight is his deconstructed lamb shoulder, slow-cooked to perfection and paired with a medley of root vegetables. This dish highlights Karl’s expertise in Cuisine European Fusion, blending traditional European techniques with a modern Australian twist. The result is a succulent, flavourful dish that delights the palate. Chef Karl also prides himself on his zero-waste philosophy, which is evident in his innovative beetroot dish. This creation utilises every part of the beetroot, from the root to the leaves, showcasing the ingredient’s versatility and depth of flavour. It’s a perfect example of his commitment to sustainability and creativity. As a Private Chef Location Perth, Australia, Chef Karl Nicholson continues to push the boundaries of culinary art. His dedication to excellence and passion for innovative cuisine ensure that every dish he creates is a unique, memorable experience.


  • Continental European
  • Modern Australian