5 exciting consumer food facts for private chefs

Every chef craves a little tender loving care, right? Sure you’re the king of the kitchen, the guru of gastronomy, but you’re also a passionate professional who wants nothing more than for people to enjoy your cooking. We hear you. That’s why we made it our mission to find out what Australians are looking for when it comes to social dining and meal choices.


  1. 21% Would like to be cooked for
  2. 35% Seek meal recommendations
  3. 26% Search specific cuisines / dishes
  4. 32% Organised an event or dinner party last month
  5. 62% Choose authentic/homestyle cooking


Check out these exciting consumer food facts with full explanations from our very own research:

21% Would like to be cooked for

Not everyone loves cookin’ up a storm as much as you do. In fact, plenty of everyday people will simply storm out of the kitchen the moment something goes wrong, which let’s face it, can be quite often. One in five Australians would actually rather kick their feet up and let a seasoned pro take over – and in a population of 24 million, that’s a very large pot of opportunities for private chefs.

35% Seek meal recommendations

Decisions, decisions … they’re not always easy when food is involved. That’s why more than a third of consumers ask friends, family or colleagues for advice when planning an event or dinner party. Young people are particularly keen on hot tips, with 52 per cent of 18-24-year-olds asking for meal recommendations. You can’t put a price on word-of-mouth promotion like that.

26% Search specific cuisines / dishes

Australians devour whatever delicious food we can get our hands on, but a quarter of us tend to go hunting for the precise international cuisines or favourite dishes we feel like. You can always trust those cravings! With the internet making it easier and easier for people to find the food they want, there’s no better incentive for private chefs to create informative, appealing and up-to-date online menus.

32% Organised an event or dinner party last month

That’s a whole lotta food prep! And for private chefs, well it’s enough to make you lick your lips in anticipation. It’s the juicy cherry on top of a never-ending cake. In other words, it’s a wonderful chance to be hired for your unique culinary skills.

62% Choose authentic/homestyle cooking

Okay, we know Australians love eating good food. We also know now that almost two-thirds of consumers value the flavour and freshness of homestyle cooking over less authentic alternatives. Mmmm, smells like a job for passionate private chefs who cook with their hearts as well as their hands.