Frequently Asked Questions - Chefin
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is CHEFIN’?
CHEFIN’ is a food community and home dining service that brings Chefs and Hosts together. We aim to foster communication, nurture relationships and inspire memories through the universal joy of shared food experiences.

What kind of events is CHEFIN’ suitable for?
CHEFIN’ is a great idea for just about any social dining event. Our Chefs are available for romantic meals, family catch-ups, client lunches, birthday celebrations, housewarmings, dinner parties and more. It could be a 3-course meal, standing buffet or casual canapés. Get in touch to discuss your next meal.

How do I sign-up to be a Host?
Click Join at the top right of the CHEFIN’website and fill out your basic details. It only takes a few moments. We’ll send you a welcome email and ask you to confirm your registration. It’s completely free to join our food community.
Are there any special deals or discounts?
Yes. Along with the various promotions we run from time to time, CHEFIN’ frequently offers you the chance to host a half-price Trial Meal and become a social food judge with your friends. All you have to do is sign-up here for free and we’ll send you invitations / promo codes when a new Chef comes on board.

How do I book a Chef?
Booking a Chef is easy. You choose the Cuisine / Menu / Chef that you want, then order your home dining event online in just a few minutes.

Can I make a booking on the same day as the event?
In order for our Chefs to have time to accept a booking and prepare the meal, we ask that you try to make bookings at least 24 hours prior to your event. If you woule like to request a last-minute Chef, please contact us directly.
What happens once I make a booking?
We will email you to confirm your order and put you in touch with your Chef to discuss the final details of the event and the menu. You will have the opportunity to customise specific elements of the meal by talking to your Chef directly.
When will I know my booking is confirmed?
Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email or phone call from us and/or your Chef. If the Chef is not available to take the booking, we will help you find an alternative Chef.
Can I add drinks to my booking?
Please provide your own drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for the event. However, our Chefs can offer advice on food-wine pairing and help you with beverage service.
Is full payment required?
Yes, we only accept full payment to confirm a booking.
What happens on the day/evening of the service?
Your Chef will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the booking time (or at a time agreed in advance). Your Chef will bring all the ingredients and will cook each course of the menu in your kitchen using cooking equipment and utensils provided by you (unless otherwise agreed in advance – this will incur additional costs).
Your Chef will serve you and your guests while also providing an explanation of each dish and, when possible, discussing his/her techniques and recipes during the cooking process. When the meal is finished, your Chef will clean the kitchen area before leaving you to bask in the glory of a wonderful event.
Will I need to provide any food or ingredients?
No. All fresh food and ingredients are purchased in advance and provided by the Chef.
What kind of cooking facilities and equipment will I need to provide?
It is expected that your kitchen will contain all standard cooking facilities, appliances, equipment and utensils to cook the dishes ordered, such as a working stove, oven, refrigerator, sink and power outlets.
You will need to supply:
Cookware – pots and pans
Cooking utensils – Spatula, ladle, etc
Servingware – plates, bowls, platters
Drinkware – glasses, wineglasses, mugs, cups
Cutlery – full sets including knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon
Appliances – Stove, oven, refrigerator, power outlet, etc
Other items – knives, chopping boards, colander
Arrangements can be made for the Chef to provide equipment and utensils, however this will incur an additional cost.
What if I have specific menu or dietary requirements?
Our Chefs cook for everyone. Menus and dishes can be customised for any reason via direct communication with your Chef once a booking has been made.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests?
You can book a Chef for a minimum of 2 guests up to 100 guests. For large bookings of more than 12 guests we recommend first making an enquiry to discuss the details of your event.
Who are the Chefs?
Chefs registered with CHEFIN’ are either professional chefs or experienced amateur chefs with the skills to create and serve your desired menu. You can learn about each individual Chef and read reviews of their service by checking out the Chef’s Profile.
Can I book a Chef from outside the Sydney area?
At this stage our Chefs are all based in Sydney, however CHEFIN’ is growing quickly and there is potential for our service to be provided outside of the Sydney area. If you have a request for a specific event outside of Sydney, please contact us directly and we will let you know if it is possible.
Can I rate / review the Chef?
Yes, absolutely. We welcome your feedback on the experience and meal provided by your Chef. Simply visit the Chef’s profile on CHEFIN’ and add your review after the event.


What is CHEFIN’?
CHEFIN’ is a food community and home dining service that brings Chefs and Hosts together. We aim to foster communication, nurture relationships and inspire memories through the universal joy of shared food experiences.
How can CHEFIN’ help me?
If you enjoy cooking, you’ll love CHEFIN’. We make it easy for Hosts to book a Chef, so you can give your income a boost simply by doing what you love. Create your own menus, meet new people and fulfil your passion for cooking.
How do I sign up to be a Chef?
Just visit our Chef Registration page and fill out your details – after you sign-up, a member of our friendly team will contact you to answer all of your questions and help you complete your profile.
Do I have to pay for a Chef Profile?
No, a Chef Profile with CHEFIN’ is absolutely free. While CHEFIN’ takes a commission on bookings, you do not have to pay any upfront costs or subscription fees.
How do I get the most out of my CHEFIN’ Profile?
The best way to attract bookings is to keep your Chef Profile as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. The more Menus you create and images you upload, the higher the chance of being noticed by potential Hosts.
Will my service be rated?
Yes. Hosts will have the opportunity to review a Chef after the event. Positive reviews help build a strong Chef Profile and lead to more booking requests in future.
I received a booking, what should I do next?
Congratulations, you have a booking! The CHEFIN’ Team will get in touch to confirm your availability for the booking. From there you will be able to communicate directly with the Host to ensure the event is a big success.