Where do the ingredients come from?

We understand the importance of knowing where your ingredients have been sourced. Fresh, good quality ingredients create the best meals, and an exquisite menu won’t bring much joy if the ingredients used are subpar. When you hire a chef with CHEFIN, you can trust you’re enlisting a passionate, dedicated foodie who sources only the freshest ingredients for their cooking.

Our CHEFIN chefs will typically go for local, fresh produce of the best available quality. We have built up a trusted network of local producers, farmers, and suppliers who can equip our team of chefs with the best food and ingredients. We don’t compromise on quality here at CHEFIN, and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients is a top priority for us.

If you’d like more specific details on the ingredients and products used in our cooking, you can liaise with your private chef during the planning process to get a better idea.