What kind of cooking facilities and equipment will I need to provide?

CHEFIN team can work with anything you have. As much as we’d always love to have state-of-the-art commercial kitchen supplies, we do understand that the world is not ideal and neither you or us can still provide chefs with all cooking facilities and equipment. We bring all the tasty ingredients and anything we need to execute the job. We ask you to give us a place to do all the hard work.

When hiring a chef with CHEFIN, we ask that you notify us what your kitchen contains. Do let us know about the availability of standard cooking facilities, appliances, equipment, and utensils to cook the dishes required for your menu. We need to know about things like a working stove, oven, refrigerator, running water tap, sink, and power outlets.

We also ask that you notify us whether you have any of the following:

  • Cookware – Pots and pans,
  • Servingware – Plates, bowls, and platters,
  • Drinkware – Glasses, wine glasses, mugs, and cups,
  • Cutlery – Full cutlery sets including a knife, fork, spoon, and teaspoon,
  • Appliances – Stove, oven, fridge, power outlets,
  • Other – Knives, chopping boards, strainers.

If you are unable to supply the above for your event, then we can arrange for our chefs to bring along their equipment and utensils. You merely need to let us know what is available so we can plan for your event. There might be some additional cost for transportation for larger bookings, however.