What happens if my location is far away from a metropolitan CBD area?

Have no fear, we can still get a chef to you! The whole point of CHEFIN is to make good, talented chefs accessible to everyone, everywhere, and that includes people living outside of metropolitan areas.

If we cannot find a suitable chef within your local area, we can send one your way from a nearby capital city location. Nobody should go without good food at an event, and we’ll do what we can to make sure your chef (and feast) can make the party!

Of course, we’ll have to charge a small fee to cover the travel costs for the chef and required staff. This’ll depend on where exactly your event will be – the fee will depend on the distance required to travel. The costs will be covered as such:
$0/no fee for distances within 20km of a capital city CBD,
$60 for distances between 20-100km of a capital city CBD,
$150 for distances between 100-200km of a capital city CBD, and
$350 for distances further than 200km away from a capital city CBD.