Why and how is CHEFIN different?

CHEFIN is about matching your needs for great, nutritious dining experiences with independent private chefs on CHEFIN community. That drives & creates a deeper, more satisfying culinary experiences compared to traditional catering. Including powerful interactivity with the Chef and food itself.

CHEFIN provides fully-automated and assisted experiences, depending on your needs as a customer – you can choose the DIY food experience option pre-selecting and ordering with a click of a button or a fully assisted white glove concierge service where CHEFIN takes care of all the hassle around your event.
CHEFIN prides itself with a fully integrated supply chain, with traceability from supplier to consumer of all ingredients served. We have full control on venues, staffing, equipment and all elements needed for your event’s success.

CHEFIN community works in a few simple steps:

  1. Describe your event needs
  2. A data algorithm matches needs with a community of talented Chef,
  3. Chef transforms the needs to a personalised dining experience,
  4. All ingredients, venue, beverages, staffing, food preparation facilities, plating, serving and even the dreaded cleaning up afterwards are supplied on demand.