Anzac Day in 2021: How You Can Commemorate and Celebrate the Public Holiday

Anzac Day is one of Australia’s most important national occasions, and a time when we can reflect and honour those who have given their lives for our country. The event, which falls on April 25th each year, is marked with many commemorative services and memorials to remember those who have served or lost their lives […]


2022 Food & Beverage Trends From Chef’s Perspective

2021 was a crazy year for the food and dining industry. The pandemic brought about so many upheavals and changed the way food and dining looks in a way we never could have predicted. This year, we’re expecting to see the dust settle and a lot of exciting 2022 food & beverage trends crop up […]


The Pagan Origins of Easter – and Different Easter Foods From Around the World

Everybody loves Easter – whether it’s the chocolate bunnies or egg hunts – but did you ever stop to think where these traditions came from? How did a celebration of Christ’s resurrection come to be celebrated with rabbits and chocolate eggs? Well, we have these traditions because Easter was originally a pagan festival – much […]

Red lanterns for the Chinese New Year celebration

How the Different Regions of China Celebrate Chinese New Year

China is an incredibly diverse country with numerous ethnicities inhabiting its different regions. While the country may come together to celebrate Chinese New Year, the way that the festival is celebrated differs greatly depending on the customs and traditions of each region. Different foods are served and different activities take place as the nation proudly […]

Traditional Chinese dish - Hot Pot

What to Eat on Lunar New Year

You cannot celebrate Lunar New Year without a banquet full of auspicious and symbolic foods. Every dish chosen on the Lunar New Year dinner table is symbolic and deeply rooted in Chinese culture to bring luck and good wishes for the year ahead. 1. Dumplings: a symbol of wealth Dumplings are traditionally known as being […]

How to Set the Table for Chinese New Year

How to Set the Table for Chinese New Year

If you haven’t celebrated Chinese New Year before, we highly recommend it! It’s a wonderful festival that brings loved ones together so they can wish each other a prosperous and bountiful year ahead. The festival is celebrated for two weeks, with families coming together for a reunion dinner on the last evening of the festival […]

How to Develop a Dish Like a Private Chef

How to Develop a Dish Like a Private Chef

A private chef’s creations might look effortless, but the behind-the-scenes is a different story. It’s a whirlwind of choosing ingredients, brainstorming, harmonising, layering, structuring, and presenting. There are wrong decisions, right decisions, guesswork, and a whole lot of intuition behind developing a dish. In our opinion, watching a chef develop a dish is the same […]

Learn how to turn food into a work of art.

From Prep to Plate: Here’s How our Chefs Work to Create Premium Canapés for You

They may be small, but creating premium canapés is no easy feat. What’s consumed in mere seconds takes hours or days of preparation, and consideration on every level. The complexity and creativity behind premium canapés is a testament to the chef’s skilful talent and ability to fuse colour, taste, and texture on the plate. As […]

How to Throw a Winning Melbourne Cup Luncheon for Your Office

How to Throw a Winning Melbourne Cup Luncheon for Your Office

It’s almost time for the race that stops the nation! Melbourne Cup only happens once a year, so you might as well make the most of it. The race is a great opportunity for team building,  light-hearted fun, and to give your team a break from their everyday work duties. Planning a Melbourne Cup office […]

Your Guide to Corporate Catering for All-Day Training Sessions

Your Guide to Corporate Catering for All-Day Training Sessions

The thought of an all-day training session can be daunting to some people. While it’s always nice to take some time off everyday work duties and learn valuable new skills, it can be mentally taxing to sit down and take in all that new information for an entire day. To keep your team focused and […]

Christmas in July party themed team building

How to Throw a Killer Christmas Party for Small to Medium-Sized Business

Organising a Christmas party for a small to medium-sized business is no easy feat! You have too many employees for a small gathering, but not enough to plan a big blowout. So where do you find that happy medium? As seasoned party planners and Christmas caterers, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve. You […]