Mustard is one of the oldest spices we have and it is one of the most common too. it was used by the ancient Chinese and Greek civilisations for all kinds of purposes, ranging from culinary to medicinal.

Brown and black mustard seeds.
Brown and black mustard seeds.

There are three main types of mustard, which are White mustard, Black mustard and Brown mustard. White mustard has a light-coloured outer skin which is removed before it is made ready for commercial sale. It is usually straw or beige in colour. Black mustard, on the other hand, has a colour that ranges from dark brown to black. Its flavour and smell is much more pungent compared to white mustard.

Lastly, Brown mustard has a colour that ranges to light brown to dark brown. Its pungency is in between that of the white and the black.
Mustard is available both in whole seeds form and powdered form. The whole seeds are added in many pickling spices as well as spice blends used for preparing all kinds of meat and seafood. It is also used as a marinate. Indian dishes also employ mustard seed heavily, often frying them in ghee and then using them as garnish and seasoning. Mustard powder is used as a flavouring agent for baked beans, beets, BBQ sauces, deviled eggs, and so on.