A very old herb, marjoram had a slot of significance and symbolism in ancient times. for The Greeks and the Romans, it represented joy and happiness, and in Europe, it was seen as a symbol of romantic love. Today, marjoram has grown to be a popular spice in many areas of Europe as well as the Middle East, where it is usually referred to as za’tar. It is grown widely in various parts England, the Mediterranean, South America, the U. S, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as India.

Many times, people confuse marjoram for oregano, but an easy way to distinguish between the two is that marjoram has a milder flavour which is less peppery. It has a fresh, bitter taste that is mildly spicy, with a slight pungent aroma that is often compared to that of camphor. The leaves can be used fresh or dried. When fresh, it is either chopped into fine bits or it cane b used whole. When dried, it can be used whole, ground or broken. It is not just the leaves, but also the seeds and the flowering tops which are used as flavouring agents. It is widely used in many European dishes.

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