Mustard Fruit

Mustard fruit or ‘Mostarda di frutta’ originated from Cremona in Italy. Mustard fruit is not a fruit. Mostarda means mustard in Italian. It is a condiment made from candied fruit and a mustard-flavoured syrup. Mustard fruit is neither jelly, nor jam nor a dessert. It is a condiment closest to relate to relish. The fruits are poached in a mustard-flavoured syrup. Traditionally it is served with cold meat and cheese. It is also used to add a spicy sweetness to a dish.

There are several variations of this condiment. Mostarda di Cremonais made with several kinds of different fruits that symbolizes mustard fruit. Mostarda di Mantova is made from small, sour green apples. Mostarda vicentina originated in Veneto. It has a jam like consistency and is characterized by use of quince as its main ingredient. There are several other versions of Mustard Fruit.

Mustard fruit is very easy to make. The ingredients differ based on personal choice. But the main ingredients are fruits, mustard, white wine vinegar and sugar. Dry fruits can be used instead of fresh fruits.