Unique Dining Experiences delivered by local chefs

Private Catering

Private fine-dining experiences by personal chefs

Enjoy authentic, gourmet meals cooked with love by your very own private chef. Our talented community of innovative chef is just a click away, and ready to deliver mouth-watering meals to your home, picnic, party venue, campground… anywhere!

Just make your catering request via our online platform and we’ll connect you with a talented local chef who matches your needs. Create your menu, choose a culinary experience, and bon appetit! It’s as simple as that.

Private chef at your home


We’ve designed these culinary experiences to bring people together over the love of food. Delivered by your own private chef & made just the way you like it, choose an experience and give your guests a taste of something new.

Seafood dish created by the private chef

How it works?

Dont worry how it works! Just tell us what you need!

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When you work with us, you’re getting more than just a plate of food. You’re getting your own private chef designing, cooking, and delivering a mouth-watering feast on-site and on-demand.

  • We serve over 10,000 customers a year who keep coming back to enjoy:
  • An effortless, 2-minute booking process,
  • Unique and personalised group dining with a twist,
  • Private chefs, on-demand and all yours,
  • Our anytime, anywhere, at your convenience service,
  • Completely customised dining tweaked just the way you like,
  • Our satisfaction money-back guarantee