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Private dining experiences by Melbourne’s top chefs

Private fine-dining experiences by personal chefs

Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s top chefs, and now you can enjoy their cooking in your own home. We’re making it easier than ever to enjoy the gourmet food experience at home with our team of innovative local chefs. Just a click away and ready to deliver a mouth-watering feast made just the way you like, we’re making it easier than ever to enjoy their cooking in your home.

So why not make those chefs accessible to locals everywhere? We have a talented community of innovative Melbournian chefs who are ready to cook up a storm and deliver a mouth-watering feast made just the way you like it. Home, picnic, party, laneway… wherever you are, our chefs will come to you.

Sophisticated Melbourne's food scene

How does it work?

Just make your catering request on our online platform (it’ll only take a couple of minutes), and we’ll connect you with the best private chef to match your needs. You can work with your chef to craft the ultimately customised menu that’s made just the way you like, choose a foodie experience if you’re feeling fun, and bon appetit! It’s as easy as that.

Your private chef will cook and deliver your yummy meals on-site, and be there to mingle with guests and chat about the food. If you’re hungry for information about the ingredients, cuisine, or inspiration behind the dishes, this is your chance to pick your chef’s brain!

Seafood from Melbourne

Creative, delicious, and made with love, it’s fine-dining cuisine delivered straight to you.

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Why stop at just eating? Make food an event with our unique


We’ve designed these exclusive culinary journeys to bring people together over the love of food. A fusion of flavours and fun, these foodie experiences will deliver a whole new experience of eating. These are just some of the food experiences our private chefs can deliver to you:

  • Blindfolded dinner – Enjoy a multi-course meal consumed entirely with a blindfold on. Heighten your other senses and experience food like never before.
  • Culinary camping – It’s fine-dining food out in the bush. Take some time off with a night’s camping, complete with a private chef and gourmet outdoor meal.
  • Taste of South America – Journey through South America and be treated like a local with mouth-watering homestyle dishes packed with history and flavour.
  • Raw Food Secrets – Raw food catering that’s more than just crunchy salads. Even raw food haters won’t be able to keep themselves away.
  • Cooking Classes & Cook-Offs – Get the friends and family together and enjoy cooking classes and cook-offs with our private chefs.

Delivered by your own private chef & made just the way you like it, you won’t find these experiences anywhere else.



We’re all about reimagining the food experience here at CHEFIN. We want to foster connections over the love of food, and taking the chef out of the kitchen is part of that experience.

Chef plating a dish

What’s so special about having access to your own private chef? Where do we begin…

  1. You have direct access to the creative minds of our innovative chefs, here to help you design the menu of your dreams;
  2. At the event, the chef is just part of the show. They’ll be prepping, cooking, and serving your mouth-watering dishes on-site and on-demand;
  3. Interacting with your chef before, during, and after the meal is a whole lot of fun. Ask questions, learn recipes, tips, and hear all the crazy cheffing stories.



At CHEFIN we do more than just serve up yummy plates of food. We offer a holistic catering experience that’s delivered with love, passion, and dedication. We want to bring people together over the love of food, as has always traditionally been done, and reintroduce the chef as part of the experience.

We serve more than 10,000 happy customers a year. They keep coming back to us for our:

  • Easy peasy, 2 minute booking process,
  • Personalised & unique dining experiences,
  • Personal chefs who are on-demand and all yours,
  • Anytime, anywhere, wherever-you-like service,
  • Customised dining that’s tweaked the way you like, and
  • Satisfaction money-back guarantee.