Cymbopogon, variously known as lemongrass is a tall, perennial, tropical grass that has a strong, fresh lemon-like aroma, lemongrass is commonly used in the preparation of various dishes across the globe. The leaves of the plant have sharp edges, while the root end has a solid portion which is a few inches long. It is this part that is used for cooking. It is either pounded or sliced and added in various dishes as a flavouring agent. Lemongrass can be used both in its fresh form or in dried form. when dried, it is available in powdered form, or it can either be cut and sifted or chopped. Its oil can also be extracted and used for cooking.

Commonly used in Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Indian Thai and Indonesian cuisines, lemongrass is known to add a distinctive lemon-like flavour to all kinds of dishes, ranging from meat, vegetables, seafood, poultry and savoury dishes. It is often used in the preparation of curries. Many people like to add lemongrass and coconut milk together in dishes, especially curries and gravies, as the combination is known to create an aromatic and delicious flavour. The stem of the plant is also used for adding flavour to tea and marinades, and also for making pickles.