Labne or labneh

Labneh (also known as labneh, labni, lebni or zabedi) is the name of a popular cheese in the Middle East. Labneh is obtained in a very simple way by draining the whey from thick Greek yogurt. Of course, the Arab countries use for production of labneh, processed into yogurt milk cow or camel. It occurs most often in a dried form. In Syria and Lebanon, it is also served in a creamy form sprinkled with olive oil and sprinkled with mint.

Labaneh zayit bil “Labaneh in oil”, consists of small dry labneh balls kept in oil, in which it can be preserved for more than a year. However, over time it turns out to be more acidic. Wrap the labneh cheese balls in spices according to their preference, they are drunk and buried in oil in a jar. Serve such cheese as an appetiser. Whatever you say about this type of cheese, it is delicious, delicate, and lubricious. Greek yogurt, both the original and the Greek kind, available grocery stores are suitable for labneh great.

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