A staple of Egyptian meals, Dukkah is a combination of nuts, seeds and spices, which is added to food to elevate its flavour profile. The name “Dukkah”, which is an is an Arabic word that means “to crush” or “to pound”, was derived from the way in which this seasoning is made. Today, it is used across the Middle East and Africa as an integral component of dinners.
The dukkah is made using a number of ingredients, which include dried herbs, coriander, cumin, sesame seeds, salt and nuts like peanuts and hazelnuts. Mint, thyme and fennel may also be added to create a different flavour. All of the ingredients are lightly roasted to bring out the nutty flavour in them and are then ground using a coffee grinder or a spice mixer. This seasoning can be made both coarse-ground and fine-ground.

The best part about dukkah is its texture. When added to food, it also gives the meal a crunchiness which feels full in the mouth. Since this condiment contains various ingredients, the dukkah is very adaptable and can be added to all types of food. It can be added into food in powder form or can be rubbed onto meats and vegetables or sprinkled into dough or batter before cooking.