Diablo sauce

Diablo sauce, as the name suggests is a tangerine-reddish coloured tomato sauce dip that is mixed with spicy chili powder and serrano pepper. It is often served besides steamed crab legs. In Spanish, the word Diablo means devil, which speaks volumes on just how hot this sauce can be.

Diablo sauce is common in Mexican and Spanish cuisine, as well as various Central American cuisines. Usually, people like to pair them with various dishes such as chicken, pork, beef, poultry, fish, pasta as well as a dip for a canape. The great thing about Diablo sauce is that even though it is extremely spicy, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any distinguishable taste at all. Unlike many other spicy dips, it is hot and spicy, yet offers a distinctive taste, thanks to its smoky tomato flavour, which is the first taste that hits your taste buds, even before the spice.

This strong, yet not overpowering smoky tomato flavour, mixed perfectly with chili powder, serrano pepper and other ingredients such as onion, garlic and more, is what makes diablo sauce such a popular sauce that goes well with a wide range of dishes in Mexican and Spanish cuisines.