Here’s What You Should Do on Valentine’s Day, Based on the Star Signs

Have you considered your Valentine’s Day date ideas yet? If you haven’t, now’s the time, and we’ve created this handy guide to help you plan the best Valentine’s Day for your partner. We’ve based this guide on the star signs, so flick through and see what will make your date tickle this Valentine’s Day. Not a believer? You might find out that your date doesn’t need expensive gifts and restaurants – you’ll be a guaranteed believer then!

Does your Valentine’s Day want to be wined and dined or are they the type who’s happy to be staying home? Will they want the excitement of something different or is your date more interested in the familiar? More importantly – what kind of gifts should you be getting?

The pressure is off. Find your date’s star sign and read on for the best tips.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries are big on excitement, adventure, and spontaneity! To impress your Aries date this Valentine’s Day you’ll want to plan something fast-paced, luxurious, and spur of the moment. Already made your plans? That’s OK! Just keep an element of surprise and your Aries date will be elated.

Aries date ideas: Go for fun, active, or luxurious activities. Aries love luxury, but that doesn’t mean it has to come at an expense. Try running a bubble bath with red roses, candles, and a nice bath bomb to get the luxe treatment for cheap. If you’re out having dinner, make it somewhere exciting that can keep your date stimulated. No long queues in line or waiting ages for your dinner to arrive! Aries also love competition (well, winning), so another date idea could be taking them to an arcade for some fun on the games.

Aries gift ideas: They want things that are shiny, new, edgy, and exciting. Think fancy tech gadgets or gift cards for them to get their own goodies. For the lower budgets, an Aries would love it if you spontaneously bought them some flowers while on the date. They love the colour red, so you’ll never go wrong with a red rose on Valentine’s Day.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

With Taurus, you’ll want to do the opposite of Aries and take things slow. Don’t rush through your date and take time to enjoy each moment and savour all of the senses. Taurus are big on authenticity and budgeting, so make sure you don’t spend on anything frivolous – they’re not the type to appreciate it!

Taurus date ideas: Taurus signs are practical creatures who can often miss the sensuality of Valentine’s Day. To avoid your partner being distant, you’ve gotta plan a date that engages their senses. If you’re going out for dinner, make it somewhere different and quiet where they can enjoy the tastes and smells. For the ultimate date, do a blindfolded dinner that’ll really engage their senses! Taurus also love music, so take them out to see a band or an orchestra.

Taurus gift ideas: It’s easier to think of what not to give than what to give a Taurus for Valentine’s Day. Their practicality and dislike of excess spending means one thing: make sure whatever you gift them is authentic. No fake leather, fake gold, or fake flowers. Get the real thing and your Taurus will be thrilled.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Geminis want something new and interesting to keep them engaged, stimulated, and entertained. Your Valentine’s Day date should be somewhere lively and vibrant, with lots to discover and explore. That said, don’t go anywhere too loud because Geminis love a good conversation!

Gemini date ideas: If you’re eating out for dinner, skip the local and make sure you’re heading somewhere new. Rather than going straight to the restaurant, take some time to walk through the streets beforehand. People watch and explore some interesting shops. Geminis love stimulation, so dancing or music is always a great Valentine’s Day idea.

Gemini gift ideas: Geminis love to keep their mind occupied, so go for geeky gifts like puzzles, books, art kits. They love a good gadget, so any accessory for their phone, camera, laptop, etc, will go down a treat. Geminis just want to feel sexy and special, so don’t overthink the gift, just consider the delivery!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are romantic, sentimental, and happy to do the same old thing for Valentine’s Day. If your date is a Cancer, take it easy and stress-less: they’re happy to be low-key and resist too much change and newness. That said, make sure you focus on elements of sentimentality and romance or your Cancer date might feel hurt.

Cancer date ideas: Cancer is an easy-going star sign and you’ll do just fine taking your Cancer date out to your ‘usual’ place. Whether you love a specific restaurant, picnic spot, beach, or bushwalk, take your Cancer date there and your Valentine’s Day will be a success. They love cozy seclusion, so cuddle up somewhere quiet and stay away from anything too different and crowded!

Cancer gift ideas: They’re big fans of sentimentality and history, so go for something simple like chocolates and flowers, or something nice you found in an op-shop. Making gifts will always go down a treat for Cancers, who’ll cherish the thought.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo’s want to be wined, dined, and spoiled on Valentine’s Day, so you’d better prep up! Your Valentine’s Day shenanigans should start first thing in the morning, even if just with a sweet text message. Do something new and exciting that’ll make them feel grand and important – but make sure they can turn up looking their best.

Leo date ideas: If you’re going out for dinner, make it somewhere that has a lot of hype. It needs to be new, exciting, and interesting. You’ll need to spend a bit of money to get a Leo’s heart thumping on Valentine’s Day. That said, as long as they know you’ve spent a lot of money on it, they’ll be happy!

Leo gift ideas: Like we said, Leo’s love grandeur and bling. To really impress your Leo on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to invest a lot of money or time into a gift. They want to feel special, and that’s the best way to do it.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are the ‘health nut’ star signs, huge fans of sustainability, environment, fitness, and improvement. That said, they’re also big fans of pleasure, so the perfect Valentine’s Day would have elements of both. Virgos love planning and preparation, so whatever you do – don’t surprise them with something spontaneous on Valentine’s Day!

Virgo date ideas: If you’re eating out, you can go for somewhere fresh and exciting, like a vegan restaurant or eco-friendly joint. Even better, learn how to cook raw food in a cooking class. Virgos love edgy innovations, so restaurants with intriguing menus will always be a hit. For some daytime fun, head to a farm to pick berries or take a cooking class together.

Virgo gift ideas: Virgos are quite the brainiac, and they love to feel useful. Get them some interesting non-fiction, how-to or DIY books, tools, gym memberships, etc. The idea is to get a gift they can really use well into the future.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

If there’s one star sign you should pay attention to on Valentine’s Day, it’s Libra. These signs will be thinking about Valentine’s Day all year, and you’d better match their expectations! If you’re dating a Libra, feel free to be extremely cheesy and romantic – they’ll love it.

Libra date ideas: Libra’s love to look and feel beautiful, so take them somewhere with a nice view or interior. It doesn’t matter about the quality of food, it’s all about the appearance for Libras. If you’re going out for dinner, go somewhere by the water. A Libra would also be just as happy heading to a hotel room and spending the night with just the two of you.

Libra gift ideas: With a Libra, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. Make sure it looks beautiful, blingy, and shiny, and you’ll be sweet. Libra gift ideas for those with lower budgets could be teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolate, and all the other typical Valentine’s Day goodies.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

We’ll be honest: Valentine’s Day isn’t about love for a Scorpio. It’s about sex. To truly impress your Scorpio date you’re gonna want to make the day all about getting hot and steamy. This isn’t a day for holding back your emotions!

Scorpio date ideas: Forget about wining and dining, Scorpios just want to get straight to the matter. That said, if you’re going out then make it somewhere that’ll get you in the mood. Think: low-lit small bars or the movies. The idea is to dress sexy and build up tension between the two of you.

Scorpio gift ideas: A Scorpio would honestly be happy if you offered to show them a good time in the bedroom. That said, they’re also into spicy and sensual things like spicy perfumes or chilli chocolate. Sxy underwear is always a plus!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius are all about outdoors and adventure. They’re a no-fuss star sign that focuses more on the bonding experience rather than where you go or what you do. That said, plan something active and spontaneous to really impress your Sagittarius date. That said, keep it somewhat easy-going because Sagittarius don’t like tightly packed schedules!

Sagittarius date ideas: Whisk your date away on a spontaneous Valentine’s Day road trip. If you’d rather stay put, head to a restaurant with foreign cuisine you haven’t tried before. For lower budgets, a picnic on the beach or in a park will go down a treat. If you’re after daytime activities, go for a bushwalk or try a new activity like go-carting or rock climbing.

Sagittarius gift ideas: These adventurers will be happy with anything that keeps their activities fuelled. Think travel/sports gear, drink bottles, holidays, fitbits, gym memberships, etc.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are all about image, and your Valentine’s Day date ideas should be focused on social status (or rather, Instagram photos). They want Valentine’s Day dates that will get others talking and make them feel important and special. Don’t fret too much about romance and sentimentality, just let them know they’re appreciated.

Capricorn date ideas: Capricorns want to be taken to the most expensive places possible. Failing that, take them somewhere exclusive that’ll make them feel like a star (check out our Hidden Venues for an idea!) They want the best table, they want all the attention. Another great date idea for Capricorns is a personal chef, giving them all the attention.

Capricorn gift ideas: If you’re getting flowers and chocolate, they better have cost you a fortune. Capricorns love timeless classics, so even simple jewellery or a watch will do the trick. If they’re passionate about work (and Capricorns usually are), get them something like a new tie or desk accessory.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius types aren’t huge fans of Valentine’s Day. They’re more the type of person who disses the holiday for being capitalist, designed to make people spend money. They think people should celebrate their love on any other day but Valentine’s Day. So to really get your Aquarius date’s attention – celebrate it a week before!

Aquarius date ideas: Aquarius’s are progressive and passionate, always dedicated to a cause. Find out what it is and curate your date around that. Is your Aquarius date a dedicated vegan? Take them out to a plant-based restaurant or a vegan cooking class. Are they passionate about the arts? Take them out to a classical music show or opera.

Aquarius gift ideas: Practical thinkers and sometimes frugal, Aquarius’s will be happy with simple gifts like stationary, notebooks, or gift cards. First editions of their favourite novels are also a great idea.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are the most romantic star sign of all, the ones who will give up anything and do anything for love. If you’re dating a Pisces, Valentine’s Day will be a breeze. They don’t need to be wined and dined, they just want to know you care. It’s more important for a Pisces that you show them attention on Valentine’s Day than spoil them with gifts.

Pisces date ideas: If you’re going out for dinner then it should be all about scented candles, gentle music, and roses. Nothing is too romantic, too pink, or too sweet for a Pisces – so don’t worry about being over-the-top. Pisces love being all mushy and romantic, so sharing food from the same plates is always good (think Lady and the Tramp).

Pisces gift ideas: Go for something romantic that the two of you can enjoy together on Valentine’s Day. Things like a spa day, a couple’s massage, or a good bottle of wine shared by the ocean will all go down well for a Pisces. Don’t forget the chocolate and roses!

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