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With over two decades of culinary experience woven through Europe’s prestigious kitchens, Chef Davide Incardona now brings his Italian roots and global expertise to elevate dining experiences in Sunshine Coast and Noosa. His journey began with a passion for Italian cuisine, fuelled by the allure of fresh, seasonal produce and a heartfelt commitment to creating memorable dining encounters.

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Davide’s culinary journey commenced in the heart of Italy, honing his skills across Michelin-starred establishments and traveling Europe to immerse himself in varied culinary landscapes. He absorbed the essence of authentic Italian flavors while embracing innovation from London to San Francisco.

A delightful balance of tradition and modernity characterizes Davide’s cooking. He cherishes the conviviality of the kitchen, believing that laughter is a vital seasoning to every dish. His cuisine is more than a culinary art; it’s a story—a fusion of treasured memories, passion, and constant learning. Cooking becomes an act of sharing, bridging cultures and experiences through the universal language of food.
Culinary Insights:
Chef Davide shares invaluable culinary advice:
Starting Fresh: Emphasizes the use of fresh, local ingredients over processed foods for richer flavors and a more satisfying culinary experience.
Herb Appreciation: Advocates for using fresh herbs over dried ones, highlighting their aromatic and flavor-enhancing qualities.
Salt in Pasta Water: Stresses the importance of adding salt to boiling pasta water for enhanced flavor and thorough cooking.
Precision in Measurements: Encourages the use of metric measurements for precise cooking, especially in dessert recipes.
The Art of Cooking: Urges to appreciate the cooking process, take time, and savor the culinary journey for richer, more satisfying outcomes.
Chef Davide’s insights and experiences promise a culinary journey that marries tradition, innovation, and a deep love for creating extraordinary dining experiences.


Davide's repertoire reflects his culinary evolution—a blend of tradition, innovation, and personal nostalgia. 🍲 Gnocchi 4 Cheese: Crafted from handmade potato gnocchi, enveloped in a rich fondue of 4 cheeses, adorned with Tuscan black truffle sauce, and garnished with crispy sage. This dish embodies memories of rustic flavors from the Italian Alps, reminiscent of childhood days spent amidst potato fields and local cheese farms. 🥩 Lamb Shoulder: Slow-roasted for 12 hours, this dish captivates with smoked sweet potato puree, balsamic baby onions, and crispy sage. A harmonious fusion of Italian heritage and Australian influence, inspired by the slow-cooked meats of Davide's Italian weekends, now enhanced with Australian flavors. 🍰 Pistachio Tiramisu: A unique rendition intertwining the classic tiramisu with the allure of Sicilian pistachios. Layers of ladyfingers and coffee merged with pistachio-infused mascarpone sauce, finished with shaved chocolate. A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, reimagining a beloved dessert into a delightful innovation.


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