Melbourne, it’s Time to Party! Gathering Restrictions Ease From Oct 28

Victoria residents are dusting off their party clothes after Premier Daniel Andrews gave the OK for COVID-19 restrictions to ease from Wednesday 28 October. Hospitality and retail venues are reopening statewide with restrictions dramatically eased after Victoria recorded its first day with zero coronavirus cases since June 9.

After midnight 27 October 2020, Victorians can get out and about with no restrictions on leaving the house. The months of loneliness are over – you can finally get back to hosting events and making memories with your loved ones.

Indoor events

Events hosted indoors are back on, with a cap of 10 people per indoor space and 20 people per venue. That’s enough for your closest friends and family to get together and catch up on everything you’ve missed out on over the months. Note: with such small numbers, restaurants are going to be booked out like crazy. Why not hire a private venue and hire a chef to bring the restaurant experience to you?

Make reuniting with your friends and loved ones a blast by trying a dining experience like a blindfolded dinner or cooking class. Or if your holiday plans have been busted thanks to COVID, the least you can do is try all of the food you were planning on eating – our Taste of the World journey is a multi-course feast that lets you sample dishes from all over the world. You choose the cuisine, and our chefs deliver an authentic taste journey that’ll make you forget about travel restrictions!

Outdoor events

Just in time for summer, outdoor events have reopened and with bigger numbers than we’ve seen for a long time. There’s a cap of 50 patrons when outside and a social distancing requirement of two square metres per person. Outdoor gatherings are no longer restricted to just two households either, so you can finally call in all of your favourites and host that big family barbie, birthday, or special occasion that you’ve been putting on hold for the last few months.

Interstate travel

Melbourne metropolitan residents are now also allowed to travel interstate. With no overseas travel for the foreseeable future, what better opportunity to take your friends or family on a little trip and explore your own backyard? Our Culinary Camping experience takes you to stunning remote locations with a private chef as your guide. You can relax amongst the peace and quiet of nature, forget about those last few months in lockdown, and graze on amazing meals prepared by your personal chef. Fall asleep under the stars and take in all of that nature you’ve been missing while stuck indoors.


Weddings have expanded to allow up to 10 people, including the bride and groom and two witnesses. You can also have a celebrant and one photographer at the event, who will be excluded from the guest cap. There’s no better time for a small, intimate wedding than now! Who needs to throw a big bash anyway? Gather your nearest and dearest, celebrate your love, and then end the evening with a romantic dinner for two, complete with roses and French champagne.

Home visits

Restrictions on home visits are also to be removed after tonight, with the exact details yet to be revealed. Hopefully, this means we can finally get back to hosting grand dinner parties and staying up late with our loved ones.

Basically, all of your party plans can be taken off hold. Call up your friends and get ready for some socialising to make up for those months of solitude! And if you want your events to be fuelled by high-end food, fancy drinks, and luxe venues, then you know how to call. Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you organise one heck of an event to kiss lockdown goodbye!