How to Boost Employee Morale & Team Spirit in the Age of COVID

This last year has been a difficult one for many of us, and that likely includes your team of employees. Morale might be low with teams scattered across the city working from home, and team spirit may be lacking. This is the perfect time to shower your employees with appreciation and encouragement for the hard work they have done over the last year. Showing your gratitude and appreciation for your team can help to enliven morale and reignite a sense of team spirit. 

You don’t need to plan some grand gesture here. Sometimes the best way to boost morale is also the easiest way. We think that’s with food. Everybody loves food, everybody adores a great food experience. And everyone is grateful for the chance to indulge in some incredible mouthwatering food that’s paid for by someone else. Food is also incredibly versatile and can add a dose of happiness in myriad ways. Here are some ways you can engage your team in 2021 by harnessing the power of FOOD! 

How food can boost morale

Food, really? How can food make a difference in the office? Mark our words, there are numerous ways that food can impact your work environment. These are just some simple examples, though the ideas we’ll have ahead will point towards many other benefits. 

It makes people feel appreciated 

Your employees have been working hard and suffering a lot of stress over the last year. On top of that, if they’re feeling unappreciated then morale can be very low. The least you can do for your team right now is to make them feel appreciated for all their hard work. And it doesn’t take much to do that! Even something as simple as having a basket of muffins delivered to the office can make someone feel appreciated. Bonus points if you order in breakfast or lunch catering, or organise a small get together at the end of the day with a Mexican food feast, for example.  

It generates excitement 

Nothing creates a bigger buzz around the office than the arrival of a catered meal or lunch delivery. Work days can easily get monotonous and dreary without some excitement being infused into the week. Organising for food to be delivered is a great way to build anticipation in the office. Your team will be buzzing with excitement, heads turning towards the source of the delicious smell. Souls will be comforted at the fact that today might be a little bit different than yesterday after all. Yay food!

It lets your team members interact

Sometimes, workers across different departments will go weeks or months without communicating to one another. Food is a communal activity that encourages team bonding and socialising in an easy and stress-free way: around the dining table. Having your team members get up and congregate around the same spot, eating lunch or breakfast together, is a fantastic way to encourage team building. Workers may chat with someone they haven’t spoken to in a long time. Bonds will be restored and a sense of team spirit reignited. 

Hire a private chef for your office

Take a look at the perks of any ‘best place to work’ and you’ll see a private chef listed as one of the top assets. It simply doesn’t get better for an employee than having a work-funded private chef. Hello fresh, healthy, and delicious meals in the office! Hiring a private chef says a lot to an employee:

  • Your employer cares about your health & wellness,
  • You’re guaranteed a healthy diet,
  • You don’t have to cook lunch that day,
  • Or even buy lunch that day,
  • You get to try some interesting new food… the list is endless. 

So spoil your employees and hire a private chef. It could be a one-time thing for a company dinner, a recurring weekly event, or a monthly team building exercise. Either way, your team will love the gesture. Don’t have room for a private chef to cook in your office? Too easy – have them deliver fresh breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just make sure you cater to all dietary requirements or you could be reducing morale for some people. 

Organise a cooking class

Not ready for an in-house private chef experience? Perhaps a cooking class is more inline with you and your team. This is a fantastic team building exercise that’s also fun, exciting, and invigorating in many ways. Cooking classes break up the monotony of work. They give employees the chance to take a break and have some fun for a change. If some of your team is working from home, this is a great way to get them back with the team for a day of fun excitement.  

Your employees will learn valuable skills in a cooking class and have the chance to get hands-on with an experienced top chef. Cooking classes are gentle team building exercises that encourage collaboration between different departments. They’ll have employees working together in new and different ways. You can let your team vote on what dishes or cuisines they would like to learn. We’ll take care of the venue and chef hire to turn it into a fun, interactive cooking class! 

Want to be a bit more competitive? Turn the cooking class into a cook-off and let your team go head-to-head to become reigning chef of your office! We can deliver cooking classes in a Masterchef-esque adventure that has hearts racing and team members scrambling to work together to come out on top. This is a great way to re-energise a team that has lost its spark or motivation and needs some revival to bring them back to life. 

Host a foodie workshop

No, workshops are not the same as cooking classes! Instead of learning to cook a particular dish or meal, workshops impart a set of skills that can be used in the future. You can teach your employees the art of pickling, making jams, fermenting foods, or creating condiments and sauces at home. Hosting workshops helps reignite a spark of creativity as it takes your team’s attention away from the work at hand and into the realm of possibilities. This is an especially nice activity if your team seems to be a little flat and lacking in inspiration or motivation. Workshops can be a great reminder of hobbies that can be pursued and the excitement that can be had in the small joys of life. 

Again, you can hire a chef to lead your workshop. They will teach your teammates the valuable skills needed to learn pickling, fermenting, or whatever your chosen food craft may be. A great idea is to let your employees vote on what they’d like to learn. For those working from home, make sure to send through a Zoom link and a little kit to get them started on their foodie adventure at home. Remember, this is all about engaging your employees together as a team. Having them all go home and try to tackle a particular food art like pickling creates for a fantastic bonding experience. They can share their insights, new discoveries, recipes, and go on the journey together. 

Boost morale with amazing food & great company

It’s as simple as that. A little bit of food can go a long way. If it’s mouthwatering food that’s made by an experienced chef, then even better. If you’d like to show your employees some love, get in touch with our team. We’ll help you organise a food journey, corporate catering, cooking class, or private chef hire. We can also discuss your own food-related team building ideas and see if we can turn them into a reality.