6 Ideas for a Spooky Halloween in the Office

Halloween is just another excuse to gorge on lollies, take a few hours off work, and engage in some workplace fun with a little party. An office Halloween party gives employees the chance to have some fun, raise morale, and get to know each other a little more.

Remember, if you don’t give your employees a treat then you just might be tricked to save you, we’ve got six ideas for a spooky Halloween in the office, from games and entertainment to food and drinks!

1. Halloween brekkie

Do something a little different and let the fun begin as soon as people walk into the office! A Halloween brekkie can include a grazing table or spread with cinnamon doughnuts, pumpkin or apple bread, pumpkin pie, or apple/pumpkin muffins (anything to do with pumpkins, really). Have some apple cider on hand (non-alcoholic – it’s too early!), and you’ve got a nice little start to the day that’ll keep everyone in high spirits.

Make sure to set up a table for everyone to eat breakfast together, rather than taking their spooky snacks and eating them at their desks!

2. Halloween decorating comp

You can do this either before or after the brekkie – depending on how hungry people are! A Halloween decorating comp is fantastic for team building and getting those creative juices flowing in your employees. It also means you won’t have to put up all the spooky decorations yourself!

Gather a bunch of Halloween decorations and art supplies (like crepe paper, foil, craft paper, markers etc.), divide your employees into teams, and let them decorate their work area together as a team. They can create tombstones, make ghosts, scary faces, whatever they like! In the end, vote together as an office for your favourite work area (and be sure to have a prize ready – like Halloween cookies!)

3. Pumpkin carving

It’s the most common Halloween activity ever, yet we rarely get to enjoy it here in Australia. We’ve seen people in movies carve their pumpkins for years, so why not give your employees the chance to carve their very own pumpkin lanterns?

Set up a pumpkin carving station complete with various sized pumpkins and knives, and let employees come up and carve their own pumpkins whenever they feel like it. Display all the carved pumpkins with safety candles inside, and at the end of the day, you can all admire each other’s handiwork.

4. Office trick-or-treat

It’s sad that trick-or-treating has to stop once you’ve reached a certain age. Let your employees go back to the fun times by each bringing in their own trick-or-treat snacks. They don’t have to be lollies – let people decide what kind of treats they’d like to hand out! Then, teams can take turns to go around and ‘trick-or-treat’ at each desk, collecting the goodies from each team member.

It is a fantastic activity to get different teams and departments engaging with one another, and if you’re having a dress-up day, then this is an excellent way for everyone to show off their costumes.

5. Spooky Halloween catering

How about having your very own bleeding, zombified private chef serving Halloween catering in your office? It is a source of entertainment in itself – your employees can watch the gory chef prepare their gruesome Halloween meal, and then relish the flavours afterwards!

Or for another spooky idea, you can have your zombie chef cater a blindfolded meal! You and your workmates sit down at the table, blindfolded, and discover each taste and texture using only your four other senses. It can be ultra creepy for some people – eating without eyes is an extraordinary experience indeed!

6. Creepy photo contest!

The great way to get people involved in Halloween without affecting productivity for the day. Host a creepy photo contest where employees can be artistic and take their own spooky snaps with their phones. Shadows, textures, carpets, skies, trees, windows, toilets – let them get creative! Ask your colleagues to upload photos to Instagram with a unique hashtag (e.g. #yourcompanynameHalloween2018) where everyone can easily view them.

Gather around for an exhibition/screening of everyone’s weird and creepy photos. Have people vote for their favourite, and make sure the winner walks away with a good prize!

halloween party ideas

Help, I want to organise HALLOWEEN party!

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