Best Birthday Party Themes for Every Generation

Planning a birthday party for a close family member or friend? Or maybe you’re stumped on ideas for your own birthday party. Lo and behold, we have compiled a list of the best birthday party themes for every generation. There’s something in here for everyone, whether you’re wise and mature beyond your years or still a kid at heart. All of the themes you’ll read below will make for a truly memorable, fun, and unique celebration.

Best toddler birthday party themes

A baby’s first birthday is more a celebration for the adults than for the kiddies. But when your tot turns two and over, you’ve gotta make sure there’s a smashing party for the little ones. Toddlers are active, social, loud, and playful, and most of them will have their own unique interests by this time (dinosaurs, fairies…) If you ‘re looking for a fun theme for your toddler’s birthday, here are some popular ideas. 

Space theme

A lot of little kiddies are learning about planets and the solar system in preschool and kindergarten. If your toddler is a little space-obsessed, how about throwing them a space-themed birthday party? Decorate the room with hanging stars, ‘moon’ and ‘planet’ balloons, patterned plates with rocket ships… If you want to get dressed up, go for an astronaut outfit or deck them out like a little alien! You can ask the other guests to dress in the colours of their favourite planet. For activities, you could cut out stars or design planets using styrofoam balls, paint, and glitter. 

Animal/safari theme

Grrr! Is your kiddo obsessed with animals? Throw them a safari birthday party! Friends can come dressed as their favourite animals, and you can all pretend like you’re on safari. You can decorate with little toy animals, cupcakes that are decorated to look like animals, and fake palm trees or ferns to feel like you’re in the jungle. For activities, kids can play like their chosen animal, make animal masks, or share an interesting fact about them with everyone. 

Sandbox party

Feel like going the extra mile? Throw a sandbox party and have a sandpit in your backyard for the kids to play in. This is a little messy, but they’ll be distracted and entertained for hours. Have them build sandcastles, dig for sand endlessly, and play outdoors to their heart’s content. 

Face painting party

Another great activity for a toddler’s birthday party theme is face painting. Kids don’t have to dress up for this one, which relieves a lot of pressure from their parents. Instead, hire a face painting artist to attend the party for an hour or two and paint the little one’s faces. If you have a toddler, you know how much they love having their face painted. Kids get to be fairies, animals, pirates, clouds, whatever they like for the day! 

Best children’s birthday party themes

Throwing a birthday party for your child? Make it the party of their dreams by having a fun theme that’s exciting and speaks to their interests. Children want to show off and show their friends a fun time, and having a theme is an easy way to guarantee a great time for everyone. Here are some of the best children’s birthday party themes for 2021… 

Superhero theme

Could superheroes get any more popular? Every year means another several superhero movies, and lots of kids find their idols in superman, batman, wonder woman, Thor, and other famous superheroes. Throw a superhero themed birthday party for your little one and have them dress as their favourite superstar. Friends can come dressed as their favourite superheroes too. Prepare for lots of fun games, running around, and being an all round star! 

Disney theme

Disney is another big favourite for children. With an endless range of movies coming out each year as well as TV shows on Disney Channel, most kids hold Disney close to their hearts. Throwing a Disney-themed party will have your little ones and their friends dressing as princesses, princes, and characters like Moana or Buzz Lightyear. For an activity, the kids could gather around and watch their favourite Disney movies (a great way to get in some quiet time). 

Pyjama party

For children, showing up to a party in pyjamas seems like the wackiest idea ever. Kids love to stay in their pyjamas, and a pyjama party is a fun way to let kids feel silly without making them buy a costume. Pyjama parties are fun because they encourage that sleepover vibe, kids can munch on popcorn, have pillow fights, snuggle up and watch a movie, and show off their pyjamas. 

Best tween birthday party themes

Tweens are at that awkward age where they’re not quite children, but not quite adults. But of course, they definitely like to think of themselves as adults! If you’re throwing a birthday party for your little tweenager, make sure the theme isn’t too childish. It should be mature enough to reflect their transition into adulthood, but still playful and fun. 

Spa party

This is a great one for the little ladies out there. Throw a spa party and let your tween and her friends pamper each other and pretend like they’re enjoying a day at a spa. Picture face masks, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, mocktails – the works! 

Casino party

Nothing screams ‘adulthood’ more than a bit of gambling. Throw a casino themed birthday party for your tween and let them ‘gamble’ with their friends and feel like a hot shot. Play some blackjack, poker, Texas hold ‘em, and maybe even a good old game of darts. Again, mocktails can make an appearance. Keep the theme dark, broody, and let the little ones feel like big wigs on the day. 

Pool party

If you have a pool, you can never go wrong with a pool party. There’s nothing cooler than lounging around a swimming pool when you’re a tween. Prepare some sun beds, get the coconut tanning lotion ready, and watch them do fun flips and jumps into the pool for hours. Too easy!

Best teen birthday party themes

Teenagers are at the age where they want the parents to be involved as little as possible. If you’re planning a birthday party for your teen, make it mature, impressive, and let the kids have fun on their own with their friends. It’s hard to impress teenagers as an adult, but good food and entertainment will usually do it!

Movie theme

Pick your teenagers favourite movie, and go all out using it as a birthday theme. It could be Great Gatsby glamour, a nod to the dystopian future with a Hunger Games theme, a spacey Star Wars theme, or a high flying Wolf of Wall Street theme. Your teen and their friends can come dressed as their favourite characters, pretending that they are living in the world of that movie. Use the film’s colours to style and decorate your home, and theme the food to match the movie. 

Masked ball

This is a great birthday party theme for teens who want to feel glamorous and classy. Throw a masquerade, where all guests have to arrive rocking a decorated mask. You could even have a mask making station at your party where guests can decorate their own masks. Provide feathers, glitter, sequins, and blank masks for them to use. At the party, have music, non-alcoholic punch, fancy canapés, and your teenagers will be feeling like glamorous stars. 

American high school stereotypes

A lot of popular teenage movies are set in American high schools, and we’ve all gotten to know the stereotypes all too well. There’s the jock, the cheerleader, the nerd, the goth, the geek… Throw a fun dress up party and have your teen and their friends rock up in their favourite American high school stereotype outfit. 

Best birthday party themes for your 20s

At this age, you’re likely on your own. You can drink, you love to hit the clubs, and you want to throw a big blowout for you and all your friends! For now, it’s all about going crazy and making memories that last a lifetime. Here are the best birthday party themes for people in their 20s. 

Rave party in a secret venue

Secure a private secret venue for your birthday party and throw the ultimate warehouse party/rave! You can keep the location secret and reveal it the night before your party, adding intrigue and excitement. Get your friends to dress up in their best rave outfits – we’re talking glow sticks, baggy pants, and the whole shebang. Hire a DJ, get some crazy lights, maybe even a smoke machine – and make sure there’s enough food and drinks flowing to keep everyone happy!

Go camping for a night

For those who prefer something a little more low key, take a few of your favourite friends and head for an overnight adventure. Spend the evening in nature huddled around a campfire, sharing stories and laughs and roasting marshmallows. This is a great way to make lifelong memories with your friends while in your 20s, and lots of potential for those snaps you’ll show your future children! 

Throw a rooftop party

The only thing cooler than a secret venue party is a rooftop party. Find a venue with a rooftop – it could be a private venue or a bar, club, or restaurant. Collect your closest crew of friends and start the shindig before sunrise. Drink cocktails as the sun sets, enjoy some delicious food, and watch the busy cityscape beneath you as you and your friends party up in the clouds. 

Best birthday party themes for your 30s

By the time we’ve hit our 30s, most of us aren’t too phased by the idea of a party. In fact, many of us would prefer something low key than a big loud bash. Here are some fun ways you can have a themed birthday in your 30s while still keeping it chill. 

90s throwback party

It has to be said – when you’re in your 30s the nostalgia hits hard. So throw a 90s themed party and transport yourself and your friends back to your childhood! Come dressed in your favourite 90s outfits or as a character from your favourite 90s show. Host a trivia game with questions about movies, politics, and pop culture in the 90s. See if you can find some childhood snacks and games like Twister to play. You can even pull out some childhood photos of yourself in the 90s and have a slideshow! 

Fancy dress dinner party

Sometimes the only party you want to throw in your 30s is a dinner party. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Make this one a fancy dress party and have your friends come in their classiest outfits. Enjoy luxurious canapés and have the finest wines flowing. If you really want to go the extra mile, hire a small band to play live music as you and your friends chit chat and enjoy your meal. For the ultimate luxury, hire a private chef to cook and serve a special 3-course meal just for you and your friends.

Casino party, round 2!

The first casino themed party was for tweens, but now you’re old enough to really  gamble – and enjoy a drink while you’re at it! A casino themed party is a great idea when you’re in your 30s. It’s low key but fun enough to keep everyone engaged and having a good time. Play your favourite casino games, win (or lose) a bit of cash, and make memories with your pals. 

Best birthday party themes for middle age

When you hit middle age, the idea of attending a fancy dress party or themed party can be less thrilling. So throw yourself a party with an elegant, muted theme that adds a bit of flair but doesn’t require your guests to dress up in crazy outfits… Here are some ideas for birthday party themes when you’re 40+. 

Degustation party

Our middle aged years are all about enjoying the finer things in life. So treat yourself and your friends to a classy 12-course degustation straight out of a fine-dining restaurant. Have your friends turn up in their best outfits and hire a private chef to dote on you and your guests. A degustation is a long, elaborate meal that showcases a chef’s signature dishes. It’s guaranteed to be impressive, memorable, and a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday with loved ones.

White party

It’s classy, it’s elegant, and everyone has white clothes that they can wear! A white party screams sophistication, and it’s an easy way to throw a themed party without too much effort. Have your guests turn up in their fanciest white clothes, and get decorations in keeping with the theme. White cake, white banners, white balloons, white flags. Too easy!

Wine & cheese party

If there’s anything middle aged adults love, it’s wine and cheese. Treat your friends to a simple birthday party where the wine is flowing and the cheese is fancy. A beautiful grazing table can really make the moment special, filled with gourmet meats and delicious dips. Gather around, snack, and have some great conversation while you’re at it. 

Beach theme

If your birthday falls in the warmer months, throw a beach-themed party for an easy, relaxed, and fun birthday theme. You can either host your party at the beach, or just go for a beach theme at home with leis, boardies, and a classic Aussie barbeque. Make sure you have enough cold beers on hand and you really can’t go wrong. 

Best birthday party themes for grandparents

Most grandparents couldn’t care less about their birthday. So it’s up to you to make sure they have a good one! If you want to treat your grandma or grandpa to a special themed birthday party, here are some ideas… 

Bingo party

It’s a stereotype, but it’s easy, fun, and engaging for the whole family. Throw a bingo night to celebrate your grandparent’s birthday. Decorate the house in a retro fashion, make sure you have enough tasty canapés on hand, and get ready for some serious bingo! 

Black & gold party

Another easy birthday party theme for grandparents is the classic ‘black & gold’ theme. Two elegant colours that can uplift a normal birthday party and turn into a luxurious affair. Decorate your home with gold and black balloons & streamers, set the table to fit with the theme, and let your grandparents feel a little fancy on their birthday. 

Life celebration party

If you want to get sentimental on your grandparent’s birthday, a life celebration party is a great way to do it. On this day, celebrate their life all through the ages. Have the photo albums ready, gather items that they love and cherish, and spoil them with memories of times you’ve had together. This is a great birthday party theme for making your grandparent feel extremely treasured and valued as a member of the family, and lets them reflect on their life with fond memories. 

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