5 Ways to Change Things Up From the Traditional ‘Christmas at Home’

Christmas is all about being surrounded by your nearest and dearest, and usually, that involves being nestled in a cozy home somewhere. If you’re the one who tends to play host to the family Chrissy party, we’ve got some ideas to change things up a little this year. From entertaining ideas to food and venues – surprise your friends and fam this Christmas by making the event a little different this year.

1. Chrissy bake-off

Save yourself the trouble of making dessert and host a Chrissy bake-off before or after lunch. It’s a good way to keep hungry people busy while they wait to gorge on the Christmas feast, as well as letting kids release some energy so you don’t have to deal with them later!

For the bake-off, you can preselect a dessert recipe – like gingerbread man cookies – and set up a few stations in your home for people to compete in a bake-off. Organise different teams, set a time limit (just like Masterchef), and let them go! Afterwards, you can all sample the goodies and vote on your favourites.

2. Chrissy cocktail-off

This one’s for the adults who refuse to bake gingerbread men. Section off a corner of your home (or the bar, if you have one) to create a Christmas Cocktail Station. Supply it with Christmas-themed bits and bobs like cranberries, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, rosemary, egg-whites, peppermint, and anything else your heart desires.

Have a few Christmassy spirits on hand (or any spirit, really), and get your guests competing to craft their very own Xmas cocktails. This is a great way to keep adults entertained and having some fun all while tasting each other’s creations and getting creative. Save the cold beers for later!

3. Cheeky Christmas catering

Is there a better gift than that of good food? Well, yes, there’s the gift of giving yourself a break! When you’re the one hosting family Christmas, you’re usually the one who least gets to enjoy the party. Give yourself some time off this year and bring in some cheeky Christmas private catering. Everyone will be drooling over the fine dining experience, and you’ll get to enjoy the company of your loved ones (rather than the kitchen).

Our Christmas catering here at CHEFIN offers more than just dropping off delicious food. We’ll match you with your very own private chef, who’ll cook up a multi-course, world-class meal right in your kitchen. You’ll be served each course at your table, with the chef explaining the origins and ingredients behind each dish. Best of all – you won’t have to lift a finger cos we’ll do all the cleanup ourselves!

Oh, and if you decide to tackle the Christmas dinner yourself only to change your mind the day before – we can also organise for last minute Christmas catering. Nobody goes without good food on Christmas, nobody!

4. Sundae away

Another quick dessert option that’s interactive and fun (and lets you skimp out on having to bake anything!) is a sundae station. Buy a couple of tubs of ice cream and fill a few bowls or jars with choc chips, jams, syrups, honey, sprinkles, 100s and 1000s, berries, and whatever else!

People (or especially kids) can help themselves to the toppings and ice cream, meaning you don’t have to do any serving, and you’ve got a whole other activity keeping people busy while you kick back and relax.

5. Secret location!

What if you whisked your friends or family off to a secretly hidden venue to celebrate Christmas somewhere a little different this year? You can organise to all meet at your house to not raise any suspicion, then have everyone climb into a van and off you go to a secret location in the heart of the city.

From secret restaurants to warehouses underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we’ve got a catalogue of secretly hidden venues around Sydney. To make your Christmas memorable and exciting, get in touch and we’ll reveal a little more about our exclusive Christmas party venues!