Savory (winter)

Winter savory is a herb that is a member of the mint family. Like its cousin, summer savory, this herb is commonly used in various dishes in order to add a peppery, slightly spicy flavour. All the parts of the plant, expect for the roots, can be used for culinary purposes. Winter savory is usually used either fresh or dried.

Winter savory has been around for thousands of years, even before the ancient Romans. Since then, it has been commonly used for both its culinary as well as medicinal properties. Today, it is mostly used in cooking and is often blended with other herbs too such as rosemary, thyme sage and various mints too. Many people like to use winter savory as a flavouring agent for poultry, beef and pork, as well as for all kinds of salads, soups and stews.

Compared to its cousin, summer savory, winter savory has a stronger, more pungent flavour. As such, it is most suitable for dishes that require prolonged cooking time, such as stews. It is also commonly used for cooking dried beans, where it is added to the water. This helps to release the oils as well as a strong, powerful flavour.