Salt is a common seasoning agent that is used in every household across the globe. It is basic condiment that can be added in all kinds of dishes and cuisines, and have been used as such for centuries. It is also commonly used for preserving food. It has played an important role in the culture of various civilizations apart from being used as a culinary seasoning. For instance, the Egyptians used salt extensively in their religious offerings. As such, salt had extremely high value in ancient times.
Salt is an essential element in our diet, required for nutrition. It is much more than just white granular seasoning that is added to our dishes, from beverages to meat to vegetables. Composed mainly of sodium chloride, salt is mainly sourced from seawater. There are mainly four types of salts, which we use today, namely, table salt, and other natural salts such as sea salt, Celtic gray sea salt and Himalayan pink rock salt.
It is important to ensure that we consume enough amount of salt as it helps keep our body hydrated, help to protect us from various heart-related diseases, strengthens the nervous system, and prevent muscle cramping. Moreover, natural salt has been found to improve sleep.