Savory (summer)

Summer savory is an herb that is a member of the mint family. Extensively grown in many parts of the United States and Yugoslavia, it is employed for a wide variety of culinary purposes. It is added as a flavouring agent in many dishes ranging from stews and soups to omelettes, cabbage and sauerkraut.

With its pepper-like flavour and fresh, piney aroma, summer savory is widely added in otherwise heavy chowders and stews to lighten up the taste and aroma. For instance, it is often sprinkled over tomato soup or over buttered garlic bread to add a distinctive flavour. The taste of summer savory is often compared to that of thyme and marjoram, as well as winter savory. However, when compared to winter savory, summer savory has flavour that is less pungent and milder.

Apart from its use as a flavouring agent in a wide variety of dishes, summer savory is an important ingredient in various classic herb blends such as fines herbs as well as bouquet garni. It is also used for marinating chicken and fish when combined with lemon, mayonnaise and snipped chives. In Germany, summer savory is commonly added in bean dishes, due to which it is also known as bean herb.