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Buffet for breakfast


Buffet for Breakfast:

Start your morning with an exquisite buffet breakfast sure to impress clients or treat guests. This breakfast buffet experience includes a range of easy-to-eat savoury finger foods, larger savoury dishes, and a sweet option as well as bottomless beverages. Each of the six dishes in this feast will be carefully designed by your personal chef to match your tastes and preferences. Choose a particular theme or cuisine, or let our chefs surprise you with an exciting gourmet menu. 

The price is per person, inclusive of GST, a minimum of 12 guests applies, includes an average of nine food items per person. 

What’s included:

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and fresh juice,
  • 3 varieties of savoury finger foods, 
  • 2 varieties of substantial savoury meals,
  • 1 sweet/dessert option, 
  • 1 Private Chef travelling to you,
  • All ingredients needed for your event,
  • Shopping, preparation, cooking, service & clean up.

You can find a few sample menus by scrolling further below. 

Book in 3 easy steps:

  1. select add to cart,
  2. enter event details,
  3. secure pay online.

If you would like to book this package and add service staff or additional products please add this package to the cart and then go on to add the additional packages. In case you want a different package simply go back to the main shop page and view the rest of the Private Chef packages. 

Your menu will be fully customised based on your requirements by a Private Chef.

Menu examples

1. Chef Robert’s Fusion example menu:

  1. Beverages: Tea & Coffee, Juice, Sparkling water
  2. Finger foods: Pumpkin and quinoa salad (V, DF, VEG), Mini polenta and almond cakes (V, VEG, GF)
  3. Substantial items: Bacon and egg roll, Butter chicken with Toasted cashew, coriander and yoghurt (VEG option available)
  4. Sweet items: Freshly baked danishes and croissants (V), Fresh sliced fruit (V, DF, GF, VEG), Chocolate brownies (GF)

2. Chef Anton’s’ Mediterranean example menu:

  1. Beverages: Tea & Coffee, Juice, Sparkling water
  2. Finger foods: Tomato and rocket frittata (VEG, GF), Pumpkin with quinoa and pepita salad (GF, VEG, DF), Avocado, radish sprouts, and turkey sandwiches (GF, DF)
  3. Substantial items: Roast beef and tomato sandwiches (DF), Frittata bacon and cheese (GF)
  4. Sweet items: Freshly baked danishes & croissants (V), Greek yoghurt w pistachios and fruits. (GF, VEG), Chocolate brownies with fruits

3. Chef Sailesh’s Modern Australian example menu:

  1. Beverages: Tea & Coffee, Juice, Sparkling water
  2. Finger foods: Truffled Mushroom and Brie Quiche bites (V), Spicy kale and seaweed salad, Soba noodle with sesame and shallots
  3. Substantial items: French Breakfast Mignardise – Assorted pastries baked fresh from quality Belgium Butter (V), Pork belly slider with slaw
  4. Sweet items: Macadamia/Strawberry Gum Granola Coconut Yoghurt (DF), Seasonal and Local Premium Fresh Fruit Platter (DF, GF, V)

CHEFIN Booking process

Next Steps

  • Secure your booking by paying in full. If using bank transfer/EFTPOS, please ensure you use the order number as a payment reference.
  • CHEFIN will email you a booking confirmation and calendar invitation. This will include a form to collect your information and particular needs/requirements.
  • Once you have filled in the form and sent it back to us, and your booking is sooner than in 3 weeks, we will assign a Chef based on your needs and desires.
  • Your assigned Chef will design a unique menu tailored to your brief, event, dietaries and tastes.
  • You can preview this menu, provide feedback, and advise of any menu & event changes along the way.

Why should I order a buffet breakfast?

What makes a buffet breakfast a better option than table service? Here’s why people choose buffet breakfast catering for their events:

  • More food options. Some of us are health nuts who want muesli and yoghurt for breakfast, while others prefer sausages and eggs. The best thing about a buffet breakfast is that it allows guests to pick and choose what foods they want and what they don’t want. This provides options and variety that makes the meal more enjoyable for guests with different preferences. It also means less wastage as guests aren’t served foods they don’t want to eat. 
  • Less expensive. It sounds counterintuitive, but buffet breakfasts are actually more affordable than traditional table service breakfasts. That’s because there’s no need to pay for servers or waitstaff. Guests can help themselves to food and voila! 
  • Bigger portions. Or smaller portions if that’s your preference. The great thing about buffets is that they allow each guest to eat to their heart’s content while discouraging food waste. Since guests can serve themselves, those with a smaller appetite can serve smaller portions while those with a big appetite can satisfy themselves. This is another way to reduce food wastage at an event.  
  • More social. Buffet breakfasts encourage guests to get up from their tables and help themselves for food. This means that guests at different tables have the opportunity to socialise and interact in ways that wouldn’t have been possible with traditional table service catering.

When should I order a buffet breakfast?

  • Order buffet breakfasts if you want your guests to mix and mingle at your event and not spend the entire time seated, 
  • Order buffet breakfast if you want to reduce food wastage at your event, 
  • If you want to impress your guests with a variety of foods, a buffet breakfast is the way to go, 
  • Order a buffet breakfast if you want to forego lunch and keep your guests/clients full for a longer time. 

Buffet breakfasts are fantastic at functions, seminars, workshops, graduations, training days, and any event that requires a substantial meal!