Private Chef Dining

Paired wines package


Add a minimum of ten bottles of wine to accompany your meals, perfectly paired for each dish by a professional sommelier. This package includes high-end premium wines that are hard to find in stores and designed to match your meals for a superior experience. 

The price is per person, inclusive of GST, a minimum of 10 guests applies.

Disclaimer: This transaction is processed by Moreish Wines. All wines will be delivered by Moreish Wines accordingly | ABN: 88 188 487 102 | Liquor Licence: LIQP770016879

Menu example

  • Chevre Pinot Noir sparkling (VIC Otway Ranges)
  • Bird on a wire Chardonnay (VIC Healesville)
  • Boomtown Rose (VIC Castlemaine)
  • Avani Syrah (VIC Mornington)

When should I order the paired wines package?

Order this package if you have already ordered a CHEFIN dining experience and would like to add paired drinks to complement your menu. You can add this package to any one of our products for an extra element of sophistication and excitement to your catering. 

Why is food paired with wine? 

How can wine improve the quality of your meal? Great question! To put it simply: wine enhances the experience of eating. Wine and food have a synergetic connection that combines to create a completely different gastronomic experience. The idea is to select wines that complement the food so that each one benefits – the food tastes better and the wine tastes richer, but without dominating the food. In many cultures, it is rare to dine without a glass of wine, and both winemaking and culinary arts have combined together and merged over the years.

History of wine pairing. 

Pairing food with wine didn’t just pop up at the same time as high-end restaurants and fine dining. Wine has been a staple for thousands of years, seen in many different cultures and cuisines around the world. People have been pairing wine and food since the origins of mankind when wine was considered safer to drink than water as it was unpolluted. In those days, people just drank wine with little thought as to how it complements or detracts from the food they are eating. 

Eventually, wine came to grow and merge with a region’s local cuisine, coming to complement it. Winemakers started to specifically craft wines that worked well with the cuisine of the local area, marking the beginnings of wine pairing as we know it today. A good example of the synergy between wine and local cuisine is Bordeaux, a city known for its lamb as well as its wines. These two have evolved together so that Bordeaux wines are always excellently paired with lamb dishes. 

As nations began to trade and share their foods and drinks, people became more aware of how the flavours in wine and food combined and worked together differently. Today, most upscale restaurants have an in-house sommelier who recommends wines to match the menu.