Fresh, locally sourced seafood feast with a conscience

Sustainable Seafood Feast


There’s nothing tastier than freshly caught seafood, and this food journey has you tasting the best of Aussie seafood in a multi-course feast. Fish, prawns, mussels, oysters, it’s all packed in this feast, in all its mouth-watering glory. Best of all, you’ll have your very own personal chef on hand preparing the entire meal right before your eyes.

Black spaghetti with seafood

It’s the freshest, sustainably sourced seafood available in the country, and it’s prepared fine-dining style just the way you like. With your private chef serving your seafood feast, you can make all the requests you like – as well ask for tips and tricks on cooking seafood like a pro!

Japanese seafood salad with octopus and ginger

For those seafood connoisseurs, you’ll here all about where your seafood came from and get to grill the chef on their seafood skills (just us, they’re talented, you’ll be impressed). And for those who love seafood but can’t stand a certain type, just let us know beforehand and we’ll make sure the entire feast is delivered just the way you like!

Fried Fish Zander with bacon. Garnished with lemon, lentil and vegetables

What you get

  • Your very own private chef,
  • A customised menu (need a special kiddies menu? Easy),
  • Professional on-site team (with waitstaff and all),
  • Complete post-dinner cleanup,
  • Catering for all dietary requirements,
  • Special drinks packages with advanced notice,
  • A fun, stress-free, and unforgettably yummy dining experience!

At your service, wherever you like

private chef home

You can stay at home

You don’t even have to leave the house to host this dining experience. We’ll prepare the Sustainable Seafood Feast experience in your kitchen and serve it in your dining room (or living room if you want to be comfy). Just remember to invite the guests!

private chef in the venue

You can choose a venue

Office spaces, parks, shops, restaurants, zoos, boats… if you already have a venue in mind for this Sustainable Seafood Feast, just let us know dining and your private chef will be there and ready to guide your culinary journey!

venue search

We can find a dining venue

Can’t think of anywhere or don’t have the time to plan? We’ll provide the perfect venue to host your Sustainable Seafood Feast experience! Just let us know your needs, budget, and theme, and our party planning gurus will find an awesome space to host your Sustainable Seafood dinner experience.

We provide it all, you just bring:

  • Beverages – alcoholic or non-alcoholic! Or if you prefer, we can also take care of the booze & sodas. Just ask about our special drinks packages,
  • Cameras or smartphones for selfies & food photos,
  • A massive appetite, and
  • Some curiosity…
Chilli mud crab

Who is this for?

  • Families and friends,
  • Birthday dinners,
  • Team building,
  • Hens’ nights,
  • Graduation dinners,
  • Baby showers,
  • Kitchen teas,
  • Any and all hungry human beings!
Fried squid stuffed with wild mushrooms



  • You get your very own private chef to prepare a custom meal,
  • Your personal chef will source the freshest local ingredients on the day of your event, and arrive one hour early to prepare the deliciousness,
  • You’ll have a friendly & professional team welcoming your guests to your awesome breakfast, lunch, or dinner experience,
  • Your private chef will cook each meal right before your eyes, and personally serve and explain each gourmet course,
  • You’ll get to hear the stories and secrets behind each dish (and take home some recipes!),
  • When the experience is over, your chef will clean up and leave everything completely spotless.