Ras el Hanout

Perhaps one of the most distinguished elements of Moroccan cuisine, Ras el Hanout is a complex blend of spices. When translated from Arabic, its literal meaning is “head of the shop”, which implies that Raz el Hanout is among the best products that you can get in any spice shop.

As mentioned before, Raz el Hanout is a complex mixture of spices. As such, you will find that each version has its own slight variations. This makes the blended spice all the more special. It is highly aromatic and deeply flavourful, usually containing a blend of different spices such as anise, turmeric, peppers, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, mace and many more. Usually, Raz el Hanout contains about 30 different spices or more.

Even though it is commonly found in Moroccan cuisine, it is important to note that Moroccans do not usually use Raz el Hanout for their daily cooking. Instead, the blended spice is often reserved for special occasions where they may cook specialty dishes. Raz el Hanout is commonly used in a dish known as mrouzia, which is seasoned lamb and honey. For this reason, many refer to it as mrouzia spice as well.

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