Pomme puree

Pomme Puree – a fancy way to say mashed potatoes. Purée combines homeliness and refinement. Plain potato, which is a basic product, through accurate processing and the addition of butter and milk is turned into an elegant addition, which chefs are proudly serving in many restaurants. Pomme Puree is distinguished by texture and hydration thanks to the rich in fat dairy. However, how much butter and milk we add is a secondary matter – the proportions are easily adapted to personal preferences. It is of the utmost importance to provide a light, non-sticky consistency.

What to add to the mashed potatoes? The standard supplement is butter and milk. How much should we add? 200-250 grams of butter per kilogram of potatoes make the purée rich enough. The butter has to be added immediately after pressing the potatoes through the press, before rubbing through the sieve. The best way to mash Potatoes is in a pot placed on minimal heat and adding milk to obtain a satisfying consistency.

Chopped chives, grated cheese, for example, parmesan, a pinch of white pepper and a drop of truffle oil can be a good fit to the puree