Paprika is a versatile, a reddish powdered spice that is used widely in all sorts of dishes, across various cultures. Paprika is often confused with ground red chilli powder mostly because of the two share very similar appearances and colour. However, if you look closely, you can see that the two have slightly different colour tones.


Paprika is commonly used in Hungarian cuisines, as well as Turkish dishes. In many Hungarian and Turkish households, paprika is used as a condiment on the table and is used how pepper is commonly used in Western households. Even though paprika is also cultivated in other countries, Hungarian Paprika is considered the best quality available. It takes seven months to grow and harvest and is often sweeter than other varieties due to the cool growing season in the country.

What makes paprika a truly unique spice is that it is available in a wide variety. For instance, you have sweet paprika, spicy paprika and smoked paprika. Generally, these are determined by the country in which they were grown in. As mentioned before, paprika grown in Hungary tends to be sweeter. Another country that cultivates paprika extensively in Spain, from where you get sweet, spicy, and sweet and spicy paprika.